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Red Bull Ride and Style 2013 Event Update

Red Bull Ride and Style

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- May 4th 2013, The Annual Red Bull Ride and Style will be held at Justin Herman plaza.  This has traditionally been an awesome event because it brings together awesome street artists for course design and some of the best riders in fixed gear biking.  Word on the street is that the course is full of treachery as some of the inspiration has been borrowed from X-Games Rallycross.  Jason Clary mentioned that he is going to be using a hybrid between a trick bike and a race bike to navigate his way through the course.

Anyhow, we’ll be out there supporting our favorite riders and chillin’ with the homies.  Roll out and enjoy a weekend shredding bikes with us.  Hit us up on Twitter or Instagram and don’t forget to bring your Boombot!

Fixed Gear Freestyle: Pre-Qualified Riders (Top 10)
Josh Boothby, Joe McKeag, Matt Reyes, Michael Chacon, Justin “Congo” Mitchell, Matt Montoya, Ed “Wonka” LaForte, Jakob Santos, Miles Mathia, and Tyler Johnson.

Race: Pre-Qualified Riders (Top 16)
Addison Zawada, Walton Brush, Edgar Juarez, Jason Clary, Hernan Montenegro, Kell McKenzie, Austin Horse,Massan Fluker, Chas Christensen, Jerome Stretch, Steven Tortorelli, Justin “Congo” Mitchell, Kapri Gonzalez, Tony Rabeneau, Scott Piercefield, and David Trimble.

For more information, please follow @redbullSFO / #rideNstyle on Twitter and join the Facebook event page for updates.

Above photo credit: Justin Kosman / Red Bull Content Pool

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