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Boombotix Tricks Out Iron Man’s New Suit

a full showcase of the new audio in the iron man 3 suite

May 3rd, 2013- The new Iron Man 3 is coming out on.  Word on the street is that there have been significant improvements to the suit from previous models.  Tony Stark is a man that always has the loudest, flashiest, and technologically sophisticated equipement an ungodly amount of money could buy.  Tony takes care of most of the mechanics of his suits, but we were fortunate enough to work with him on the Iron Man acoustic development.  Iron Man needs the ultimate war machine and it needs the best portable speakers to go with it.  Let’s have a look.


We ditched the old red and gold and went for a Seabreeze Magnesium with a Purplexed Anodized contrast. Matte is the new shiny.

the technology behind iron man’s suite

Iron Man’s suite is powered by an arc reactor.  The glowing white spot on his chest is actually embedded into his sternum.  Initially, the arc reactor was used to create a magnetic field around his hear to push bomb shrapnel away from his heart.  It eventually became used to power his suits to provide supernatural strength and propulsion for flight.  Over the years, Iron Man has adapted his suit to become more portable and easier to put on.  We expect to see a regular variety of rocket launchers and machine guns, but Iron Man often uses his flight propulsion systems to blast high energy beams to his enemies.

Lets check out the audio.  With the abundant amount of energy produced by the Arc Reactor, we stole 2000-Watts of juice to drive two deltoid mounted 6″x9″ dual coaxial drivers.  In Iron Man’s helmet, we used two amplified 50mm drivers taken directly out of the Boombot2.  Iron Man’s helmet has a direct link to his butler Jarvis with our latest noise canceling microphone.  We used two Boombot REX Ultraportable Speakers massaged into the chest plates.  These wireless speakers provided a drop-in non-lethal weapon to the Iron Man arsenal.

Iron Man typically listens to good old American Rock including Metallica and AC/DC.  With the powers of Boombotix, he can listen to his favorite tracks over the exploding sounds of his enemies vaporizing.  OK enough audio fantast, here is the real:

about The new iron man

Iron Man has been one of the best comic book turned Movie series of the 21st century.  As a kid, I wasn’t a huge Iron Man fan.  I thought the comics even looked a little to classic.  I was turned onto much more violent series like Spawn and Lobo.  Marvel in conjunction with enhancements in CG (computer graphics) has churned out some incredible films that have revived comic superheroes beyond our wildest dreams.  Robert Downey Junior and Gwyneth Paltrow have created a legacy with Iron Man that makes me feel like a 12 year old again.  The new film foreshadows a large army of Man-Droids (that’s what I’m calling Iron Man soldiers), controversial politics, and an enemy that is going to put the new Iron Man to test.  I am ecstatic to see the new Iron Man (an hell, I’m probably going to shell out the extra bucks to see it in 3D IMAX).

If you see the movie, let us know what you thought.  Check out the trailer.  Swoop up a 10% discount at the Boombotix Store up till the release date of the movie.  (Code: IronManForever)

iron man trailer

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