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Thanks for the love Kickstarter!

As this is written, we are proud to announce every single Boombot REX pre-ordered on Kickstarter, including T shirts, Dog Tags and Grillkits have been shipped, both domestic and international. Along the way, we’ve learned so much about our Kickstarter backers, which many would consider the most progressive consumers for taking such a risk by supporting something they believe in. Now that our ultraportable speakers are in their hands, the can of worms is open. Here’s what some of our awesome backers have had to say thus far:

Scott  on May 11

For those that are waiting for a REX, let me tell you, the sound is PHENOMENAL! It is so crisp and crystal clear. And the BASS! It is hard to believe that so much bass comes from a unit so small. It is more than I hoped for. My only complaint is that the charging port cover makes plugging the unit in kind of a pain. Aside from that, it is easy to operate, pairing was a breeze. Play, stop, volume up and down all easily accessible. And voice control – the hidden gem. The speaker will mute your music when a call comes in and resume it after the call ends – no more fumbling for volume controls. I can honestly say this has been the best investment I have made for my music collection. It puts some of the premium brand speakers I have paid top-dollar for in the past to shame. Thank You for allowing me this opportunity Team Boombotix!! You have a fan for life now.

Ernesto R about 15 hours ago 

I have backed a couple of projects on KS. By far, this is the best investment I have made, period. The sound and clarity are outstanding. I truly can’t believe that such small device can deliver so much power! I bet that the Rex goes head to head or even surpasses brand name portable speakers.
In functionality and versatility the Rex also delivers. The ability to use SIRI, speakerphone, change tracks, etc., is just great. Can’t wait to daisy chain a couple of Rex’s. I will recommend the Rex to everyone!
Hope this review helps someone.
Awesome job guys!

Nexare about 2 hours ago

Just got my REX and its fantastic. Sounds great and looks great. I never imagined so much sound could come out of such a small device.

AC Missias 1 day ago 

Got mine last night, it paired up and worked great for hearing my audiobook over doing dishes (without being charged)

Just wanted to say that the packaging was really fantastic — sexy window and cool padding. Nice work on all the details! Can’t wait to let some music really put this through its paces.

Trenton on May 24

Just got my REX and all I can say is that it was definitely worth the wait!!! Thanks guys for an awesome product!

Dave on May 24

…….Got mine today in Michigan, with a nicely packaged wall charger, and my first impression is it is cooler than I thought……..

R.J.  on May 24

Just got it, and first impressions …EPIC. Well more than that, a lot more.

Miguel  on May 24

OMG just got mine in the mail, and they are awesome! might have to get more to daisy chain them.

James on May 24

Dude, it speaks?!? Lmfao nice touch!

Honestly, any doubts I had backing this have completely disappeared. Wish I never grew concerned because the quality is just there.

The wait was completely worth it. Although I have no experience with bluetooth speakers, this is just exceptional. I’m very happy it’s my first.

Great work!

Jordan on May 24

Just got my Arctic White REX today in Ohio. Shipped via USPS Priority Mail. And I have to say it is way louder than I would have ever expected. Thank You!!

nicholas  on May 25

got mine this morning (pitch black, in New Jersey). gotta say, this is the coolest thing ive ever had. soon down the road i’ll be getting my wife one. the sound and volume are both amazing. i also used it in the shower when i was getting ready for work. unfortunately it fell off a shelf about five feet into the wet bottom of my shower. it was wet all over but had no changes in sound quality. everything still works fantastically. gotta say, im impressed

Shawnkara  on May 25

Got mine today (pitch black) It is MADNESS!!! I love it and have almost convinced myself to order another one. Nice deep rich bass. Handles jazz REALLY well. I am loving this little hexagonal beast. The only thing I’m having trouble with is getting my laptop to recognize it as an audio device, but I’m sure that’ll come. On to more music!

Chris on May 25

Just got mine today…So Cal…In the middle of our Memorial Day pre-party! Everyone is ordering one now! So awesome. Incredible quality!! Sound is amazing for the size of the speaker. It fills the room with clean full sound!!

 Berto84 on May 25

I just got mine in the mail and all I can say is wow! The bass is so powerful for such a small speaker. The volume is incredible! Thank you for such an awesome product!

James on May 25

Housing the Rex in the box with the acoustic foam provides better sound. I will actually be keeping its original box and extra acoustic foam to store it. –(note, this works phenomenally)

Last note: I had to demo “Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight” for the wife on full blast. She loves it and plans to steal it for her office.

Kevin 4 days ago Backer infoReport spam

WOW…only gave it a short test, but so far …WOW. Cranked it up full…no distortion. I would never actually listen to it that loud, but wanted to check it out anyway. Looking forward to putting in some more time with it later tonight, charging it now.

Alex 6 days ago

I just got my Rex today and I am very pleased! I have no issues. Great product Boombotix!!!

Todd 6 days ago

Just got my black Boombot Rex today. This is a beautiful device! Both my ears and my eyes say so. Great job guys!

Will 6 days ago

Goddammn this thing is awesome! Incredibly loud, incredibly clear sound, bluetooth. its amazing, it isnt even as large as the palm of my hand!

Jason on May 26

Received my white REX. The sheer non-clipping volume and bass coming out of a portable speaker this size is pretty crazy. Awesome!

Bernhard about 5 hours ago

got mine saturday

totally impressed

best sounding portable outdoor speaker i have ever bought

i was using the original 4AA logitech speaker

but no more

thanks and best of luck

Nirav 1 day ago

sooo excited! i got my rex today and its pure awesome! probably one of my best kickstarters to date!

And drumroll please…. our recipient of unit serial number 00001…. 

Shan  3 days ago

Great job guys! Utterly amazing sound, unbelievably light and excellent build quality! I have one question – I found the serial number under the clip, did I really get Pitch Black 00001 or the proverbial “first one off the line”? If so, I seriously may not use it and order a second one. Again, great job Boombotix Team!

Thanks a ton for the love everyone. We are very happy to see the Boombot REX be received by such awesome people. All of the positive feedback fuels us to keep making your experience better. All of the negative feedback is also valued, as it helps us refine the product and narrow our direction. We love you guys!


Chris and the Boombotix Team


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