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Things My Dad Taught Me


Father’s Day is coming up so I thought it would be appropriate to reminisce on some of the things he did for me to help shape who I am. My Dad is a somewhat eccentric guy that is a natural salesman. He runs a biotech company called Lamdagen that does sensor technology for medical and research. Oddly enough, he has no background in science, but like I said, he is a salesman. He can bullshit his way through any presentation and people buy it.

Growing up, my Dad coached my in baseball and taught me golf. He showed me how to tie my neck ties (which I think I still know how to do, but I don’t use them often). My Dad showed me how to structure a corporation, although he told me to incorporate in Nevada. He had good reasons for it at the time, so I listened but ultimately ended up re-incorporating in Delaware. He gave me some awful advice around processing fraudulent credit card transactions in eCommerce. I eventually ended owing the credit card processing companies a good chunk of change, but I learned from the pain.

Being a Father is hard I’m sure. My brother-in-law is having his first Father’s Day. While he’s enjoying life, I know he’s well aware of the pain to come. Just remember that take every bit of advice you get from your dad with a grain of salt and a shot of bourbon.

My Dad likes to listen to his music extremely loud. He likes awful new age music and Taylor Swift. He also blasts Black Eyed Peas. It’s so strange how he has this affinity for pop music. It’s like he’s in a post mid-life crisis. In any case, I’m building a custom Boombot REX for him as a Father’d Day present and I’m pretty sure he’ll be stoked.

Best Fathers Day Gift

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