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Does your dad have everything? Get him bacon for Father’s Day then!

Bizarre gift idea from everyone’s favorite processed meat maker, Oscar Mayer

Holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are hard to shop for – you want to give your parents something nice, but it’s hard when they already have everything they could possibly want in you.

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All kidding aside, these are hard holidays to shop for. That’s why Oscar Mayer is trying to make things easier—they’ve launched a new campaign called “Say it with Bacon” and it offers three bacon gift sets to choose from, including “The Commander, “The Matador,” and “The Woodsman”.


Prices for the sets range from $22 to $28. Each one comes with 18-20 strips of bacon, a fancy little card, and one of three actual gifts to choose from—that being a money clip, cufflinks, or a multi-tool.


It’s a great way to celebrate the meat loving dad in your family. Or the one with an odd sense of humor. Looking for a more practical gift for Father’s Day? Go with one of our portable speakers. Priced well under $100, these portable sound systems can go everywhere with your pops, and they’re long lasting too, which is great in case he forgets to charge his for a day or two.


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