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My Solo Mission to Hawaii

Portable Speaker for Beach

This past weekend I was invited on an all expense paid trip to Hawaii. Despite being in the middle of some heavy lifting CEO nonsense, it just seemed right to make the trip after we had our Boombot REX Launch Party. Besides, we have interwebz everywhere so it island fever wasn’t necessarily a productivity hindrance. After all, if I didn’t take photos of Boombots on tropical beaches, who would? 

My lodging was at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. This is probably the most touristy of all places on the islands. This is where middle America and half of Japan go to find the beachside serenity. There is a beach, but it is surrounded by high rise buildings. This is quite the opposite of exotic. Being a single male in a resort is pretty much unheard of. Either people are out here with their families or significant others. Parents try to keep their kids amused while making their best effort at relaxing. Couples sip cocktails on the beach and go on long romantic walks. As for me, I just turned up my heaviest hitting drum and bass and proceeded to plunge myself into my true passion: entrepreneurism.

While this might sound like a waste to come this far to get work done, I beg to differ. It’s not often that you’re in weather that is so pleasant you can work outside effectively. I basically set up a beachside office with a straight view of the beach. #Ultraportable. I had a regular supply of coffees poured for me. Eventually the coffees matured to beer. By sunset, the beer transitioned to fruity cocktails I would never order unless I were jamming beach side.

Golfing in hawaii

I didn’t completely bog myself down in work. On Sunday, I made it out for a round of golf at the Waialae Country Club. Somehow I miraculously put down a 5-over 41 on the front nine with two birdies…but then reality set in and I blew up a horrific 49 on the back nine. Such is the reality of never practicing this game. Luck can only take you so far.

Every night I was there, I ate ahi poke. It’s basically like sashimi, but sautéd in yummy sauce with a hint of sesame oil. I probably consumed three pounds of it during my stay. The last time a girl asked me to sign a petition to stop tuna fishing, I respectfully declined to sign for this very reason. Tuna is the top fish.

Today was my last day and I skated southbound to Diamond Head point. There was a silky smooth highway along the coast that I had to attempt some full throttle downhill to get my adrenaline fix. I hitched on to some Australian scooterists on the uphill in trade for taking their photos. I knocked some drum and bass on my Boombot which earned me a bunch of hang-ten shakas from the local surf community. Oddly enough, I didn’t even TOUCH the water this trip. On my way back, I stopped at Zumiez and Rip Curl on the Waikiki strip. Both of the retailers had been selling our product there, but Zumiez was having much more success with it thanks to the great countertop merchandising and stoke factor their staff had for the line. Gary was the store manager there and he talked a lot about how his customers were requesting Bluetooth speakers, but they only had the Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell ($149.99) and the Beats Pill ($179.99). At the time, they were only selling the Boombot1 but he seemed excited to get the Boombot2s in there at a better entry level price point.

Before I left, I managed to take some product photos at the beach. I went out early in the morning before all the families raided the beach with screaming kids so I could at least get some sense of exotic tranquility. I was shooting our new tuffSkin prototype. I gotta say, I am a HUGE fan of this product accessory. I drop my Boombot all the time and this skin keeps my unit looking fresh. It also adds a cool accent to the product that kinda reminds me of a Transformer Decepticon.

Beach Speaker

If you’ve never travelled alone to some place far away, I highly recommend it. The unlimited freedom you have is incredible. With technology you still get the feeling of being connected to the world, but you definitely get a very different and unique experience as a lone wolf.

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