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Fan wows staff with amazing pair of custom-made Boombotix headphones

Kid maximizes style and functionality


We’re a hard bunch to impress, which is what makes this post so dang impressive. We run this side program called “Swaganomics”, an Instagram-based platform that allows fans of the Boombotix brand to show off their Ultraportable Speakers being used in their everyday life. Those who post are rewarded points based on likes and comments, and those points can then be used towards Boombotix Swag and free products, including a free Boombot 1 and Boombot 2.

A lot of the photos posted are good, really good as a matter of fact. Some are funny, others are creative.




But then we have this photo sent in from user shafariduwan which is funny, creative, functional, all in one.


What can we say? Not one but TWO ultraportable speakers in the picture, and being worn atop the head. Genius shafariduwan—sheer genius! So not only can you hear the music, you can have those nearby enjoy it too. It’s like one of those beer helmets, but with extra straws for everyone else around you to enjoy too!

Seriously man, we’re impressed with your efforts here—mad props!

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