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FABULOUS Gay Pride Weekend in SF


Mr. Garrison proudly rocking his Boombot speaker en route to Pride Festival



Gay marriage has been all over the media this week as the Supreme Court ruled DOMA to be unconstitutional. A number of states still have bans on gay marriage, but this ruling is a major breakthrough in gay rights. This Sunday he PRIDE parade will be taking place in downtown San Francisco starting from Market & Beale and ending on the Civic Center. I will tell you from first hand experience, people get downright liberated on a whole new level here.

Pride isn’t just for gay people. Straights also come out and show support for the cause. San Francisco is one of the most liberal cities in the world. We have a large population of people that love to party whenever the occasion arises.


Personally, I think we should work our way to ending marriage completely. I like the structure of domestic partnerships for those that choose to live together. Without marriage, I would envision a heightened sense of accountability for all people. Last night I was listening to NPR and there was a guy being interviewed on there about his stance on marriage. I don’t recall who it was, but he was talking about how society puts much too high of an expectation on marriage and the ideal spouse. The notion that a spouse is going to provide us with lifelong happiness is a complete fallacy.

Gold Digger

Let’s do a case study on the gold digger. The gold digger has a job typically revolving around being really ridiculously good looking eye candy. With today’s law, the gold digger becomes successful once they have secured a wealthy mate in marriage. They benefit financially for the rest of their life regardless of their performance. They can become fat and sedentary and yet they still benefit financially from the structure they were in before marriage. It just isn’t fair to the sugar daddy.

Financial equality isn’t the only thing that would be leveled in getting rid of marriage. Relationship dynamics are also hindered by marriage. Entering marriage puts a number of binds that are difficult to get out of. Without marriage, couples have to constantly work to maintain a strong relationship. This is a good thing.

Anyhow, check out our video from last year to get an idea of what the Pride parade is all about. See you guys out there.

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