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tuffSKIN Protection for Boombot REX Now on Pre-Order


The World’s Most Durable Wireless Speaker Adds Reinforcement

Its like riding a bike without a helmet.
Its like going to a brothel without condoms.
Its like sun tanning with SPF5.
Its like wearing a bullseye on your head.
Its like texting your “other guy” while your boyfriends in the room.
Its like washing a load of whites then tossing in a red hoodie.
Its like taking a laxative and going to the gym.
Its like hooking up with the girl that has “SURRENDER” tattoo’d on her lower back.
These are all prime example of things you DO NOT DO without wearing protection.  We are not trying to freak you out, but heres just one more thing you might what to throw the caution flag on.
We know you love your gadgets looking pristine.  That is why we wanted to give you the most protection of your prized possessions.  This fall, Boombotix introduces the Boombot REX tuffSKIN.

The tuffSKIN offers the ultimate protective Boombot REX cover for even the hardest tumbles. Constructed from a flexible silicone, the tuffSKIN easily slides onto your Boombot REX speaker within seconds.  The tuffSKIN provides a combination of enhanced durability and ruggedized styling allowing you to enhance your REX with protective swagger.

We designed the REX to be one of the most durable wireless speakers on the market. If you want to make it through the most horrific tumbles unscathed, we strongly recommend investing in the tuffSKIN.   Prevent your REX from looking RUFF.   Look for the skin that says TUFF.

Now available for pre-order with estimated delivery in late August. Currently available in black and white. 

Most Durable Portable SpeakerMost Durable Portable Speaker

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