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Small speaker smackdown: JBL Micro vs Boombot Rex

When it comes to Bluetooth portable speakers, smaller is better

We recently compared the JBL Micro speaker to the Boombot Rex and were a bit surprised to find how closely the speaker matched up against latest line of awesome speaker gadgetry.


Here’s what we found:

In terms of weight, the JBL Micro weighs 2 ounces and the Rex 5 ounces. Not much of a difference, but something worth noting for those who don’t want to be weighed down by their electronics. Size wise, though, both speakers are proportional to one another, and easily fit in the palm of the user’s hand.


Speaking of transportation, the Rex comes with a secure clip on the back of the device that allows it to be attached to just about everything – a jacket, belt clip, backpack . . . you name it, the Rex can clip to it.

Most Durable Portable Speaker

The JBL Micro, on the other hand, has a carabineer clip on top of it that allows the user to loop a clip or rope through it to be carried around. Not exactly the most secure method for transporting a speaker, especially since it’s likely to be swinging around a bunch.

As far as price, the JBL Micro comes in at the back-alley price of $60, as compared to the Rex, which is selling online for $108. This is a considerable difference, and so begs the obvious question — why? Simply put, there’s a major difference in the technology that both speakers have to offer. While both offer Bluetooth capability, the main extra feature that the JBL Micro has that’s worth mentioning is an auxiliary wire, which allows users out there with older model MP3 players to still hook their devices up to the speaker.

The Boombot Rex has auxiliary capabilities, too, but what’s really cool about it is the fact that it can control the MP3 player directly through the speaker. You can play or pause a track, and even skip to the next song. The speaker also has SIRI capabilities built in, which means the phone or Bluetooth MP3 player can stay in the user’s pocket so long as the speaker is out. A quick click of the button and the user can find out what time it is, get directions to their destination (convenient if you’re out biking), or make a phone call and have a conversation through the speaker.


To learn more about the differences between both speakers and to hear a live demonstration on the sound difference between the two (which, all my audiophile friends out there will be able to hear a difference), check out Nick in the video below!

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