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Flying bike can reach 4,000 feet in the air

Street bicycle transforms into flying machine


How cool does that look?!? This is the “Paravelo” and it’s a bicycle that transforms into a super-cool flying machine. According to XploreAir, the London-based company behind the contraption, the bike can travel 15mph on land, but once its wings are unfurled and electric starter motor starts up, it can reach a height of 4,000 feet and fly in the air at a speed of up to 25mph.


Unfortunately, the Paravelo isn’t available on the market yet. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be soon. The XploreAir folks are trying to raise $75K on Kickstarter right now in hopes of going into full scale production so that they can bring the bike to the masses.

“We wanted to make something that was accessible and brought together both our passions for cycling and flying. And basically wanted something that we could ride and fly out of our backyard,” said designer John Foden on the company’s Kickstarter page.



Should they succeed, no doubt they’ll be looking for some sort of audio system to listen to music while flying. Might we make a recommendation on a handy portable speaker that can clip to the bike’s handlebars?

Check out the Paravelo flying bicycle in the video below.

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