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Clear-Coat Aurora iPhone Protective Skin Elevates Swagger Instantly


Some say I have a condition called shiny ball syndrome. This is a common disorder that has spread rampant within the gadget loving community. A couple months ago I was at CTIA tradeshow in Las Vegas when a glimmer caught the corner of my eye. I hadn’t seen anything that whole show that was remotely amusing till I saw this.

In the same way that I love to have my car windows on my Subaru WRX murdered out, the Clear-Coat Aurora protective screen shielded my screen with a mirror finish. When I turned my screen on, you could see through the mirror. I’m not much one for applying cosmetics, but I could see why a lady would want this for that very purpose. On my end, I wanted it purely because it was cool. I struck up a conversation with one of the founders, Dennis O’Donnell.  I was really interested to learn more about where he had procured these films and I also wanted to see if there was any way to apply this to our Boombot speakers. They had other cool patterns including a woodgrain, so we saw a lot of potential for working mass customization into our product.

A couple weeks later, I got a couple of the protective films shipped to our office. They were nicely packaged with an embossed graphic of what looked to be a falcon. As I slid the package open, I found a spray bottle of a solvent of some sort and a little rubber squeegee. This process is a lot like applying tint to car windows, but much easier because each sheet is already pre-cut to your phone and the surface is completely flat. The kit comes with protective films for front, rear and sides so you can literally bling the living piss out of your phone. Within minutes, I laid down the film and used the squeegee to remove any bubbles and align the film perfectly to my iPhone5. I let it dry for about an hour and the film was good to go.

Aurora iPhone Protective Cover

The kit also comes with a clear front screen cover in case you don’t want to have the tint on the front of your phone. Certainly a nice option. I still wanted the protection of my Elago case, so I only applied the front screen tint to my phone. I will say that the brightness of your screen is modestly compromised by the tinted film. That doesn’t bug me in the least. Also would add that the screen responsiveness with the film is not compromised in the least. I can text just as shitty as I used to.


What matters is that this thing looks fucking dope. If this were deployed in the midst of the 80’s, I know exactly how they would use this. Rich kids everywhere are going to be stoked they have a new surface to practice illicit drugs.

The Clear Coat Aurora retails $34.99 off of their website. It’s a small price to pay for dope hotness.


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