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Do-good headphone maker helping out deaf community

Company sets up donation policy similar to Tom’s Shoes

While we don’t necessary like to encourage our audience to check out the competition, the folks over at LSTN are doing too good of a deed to be overlooked.


For those unfamiliar with the brand, LSTN sells headphones made of reclaimed wood. The company was started by Bridget Hilton following a trip she took through the Redwood Forest. A guitar / piano player, Hilton felt that wood could enhance the acoustics of a headphone set; aesthetically speaking, she figured the material might look a bit nicer than a majority of products on the market nowadays.


By all accounts, this is a pretty straightforward small business story so far. Where it changes is when Hilton partnered up with social enterprise expert Joe Huff.

The two brainstormed an idea in which a portion of the purchase price for each set of LSTN headphones would go to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, an organization committed to providing 100,000 hearing aids a year to those who need them. Their thinking, Hilton admitted, was inspired largely by the one-for-one policy that Tom’s Shoes has, wherein a person in need receives a pair of Tom’s Shoes for every pair bought.


An exact percentage of how much LSTN donates has not been disclosed by Hilton (though she did describe it as being somewhat significant), nor how many hearing aids have been given out by her company’s behalf. Rest assured, though, the amount of support she’s provided the deaf community is more than anything Dr. Dre has done this year.


LSTN headphones sound awesome and look downright bodacious. They’re listed on the company website for $50, $100, and $150, depending on make and model, and will be debuting in Whole Foods come August.

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