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New wetsuits make surfers invisible to sharks

Two versions available depending on what you’re doing in water


There are two things we love here — our surfer audience and mother f’ing science. That’s what makes this story so awesome:

A group of ridiculously smart dudes and dudettes, including scientist from the University of Western Australia, researchers at Shark Attack Mitigation Systems, and Ray Smith, the former Quicksilver designer, have created wetsuits that are specifically made to deter shark attacks.


No, this isn’t a marketing stunt. This group did a TON of research into the matter and was able to narrow down the design of the wetsuits to two models depending on what the user is doing in the water.

One is meant to make the swimmer look invisible to the shark as it’s based on the concept that sharks are color blind.


The way it works is the suit incorporates a Cryptic Patter that makes the swimmer difficult to see in the water. Beyond the wavy patter, the color of the suit blends with the colors of the underwater environment, so it makes the entire body difficult to see. This one’s good for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

The other wetsuit has a Warning Pattern on it.


It’s meant to ward off sharks by making the user look unlike any sort of prey or food the shark has ever seen before. Pretty straightforward, this one’s meant for surfing as well as swimming and shallow diving.

Believe it or not, the group actually found people to test these things out. What’s more – they’re all still alive! The actual tests were filmed by National Geographic and will be a featured piece later this month.

Want your own suit? It’ll cost you. The SAMS wetsuits are retailing for $495 right now.

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