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App creates original soundtrack simply by analyzing digital photos

Mhoto is generating heavy buzz due to its ingenuity

Sometimes, when you look at a photo, a song instantly pops in your head. It could be one of you at a club and you remember the song that was playing at the time, or a landscape shot where something that you’ve heard in the past seems apropos for the image on screen.

This sort of thinking was the foundation for the folks at Mhoto, who are in the process of finalizing an app that picks and chooses songs based on patent-pending technology which analyzes a picture’s saturation, brightness, and contrast levels, and uses that information to create music that fits the photo.

The company’s also looking into ways of integrating facial recognition into the mix to make mood-based music, too, which would be pretty funny if you have any friends of the emo-variety.

Users are expected to have control over what musical genres they want the tunes to come from. All music is hosted in Amazon’s cloud, so theoretically speaking Mhoto can work on any device with a data connection.

In terms of the quality of the music, while co-founder Daniel ketter does have a background in music production, the company enlisted the assistance of Dub Killer to help develop the music composition algorithm.

Looking down the road, the app will likely be able to host specialized genres based on a producer’s specific sound. This means that, in theory, users could have customized theme songs from different artists, ranging from Blake Shelton to Timbaland and more (should they choose to partner up with the app, of course).

For now, though, Mhoto is still in development. The app they’ve developed thus far is simply for demonstration purposes only. The group hopes to soon begin licensing the program out to other companies for use however they see fit. To date, Samsung, HTC, and China Mobile have all expressed interest, so we might see an official roll-out of this awesome-sounding program sooner than later.

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