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Woman uses the Brooklyn Bridge to play the harp

Odd music project plans on using various bridges throughout the world

Naturally, since we make a wearable portable speaker that allows the user to listen to their favorite music out loud while living their active lifestyle, this story caught our idea. The image you see above is called the “Human Harp” and the foundation upon which it was built was the idea of creating sculptural instruments which can attach to the human body and create sound using movement.

The Brooklyn Bridge suit you see here magnetically attaches to the bridge. The holster the woman is wearing is a custom-made module that includes within it a bevy of sensors that detect and measure the vibrations of the bridge’s suspension cables. This creates sound which, in turn, can be remixed, through movement.

According to the brains behind the operation, sound artist Di Mainstone, the human harp and bridge become a musical interface, a place where we see “architecture converging with the body”.

While that last quote might be a bit too artsy for me, the concept itself is pretty dope, and Mainstone wants to eventually get the technology fine tuned to the point where it can be put on the web and made open source, so that users from all over the world can share their own Human Harp-esque projects.

Learn more about the project via the video below.

Immediately speaking, Mainstone will be bringing the project back to the Brooklyn Bridge when it reopens in 2014. She will also take it to the Hungerford and Golden Jubilee Bridges in London for separate private sessions.

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