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Glow in the dark paths could lead to nights of endless riding

Bikers and skaters rejoice — novel concept from UK-company starting to gain traction, could see actual implementation

While there are a lot of things to be happy about this time of year — Halloween candy, Pumpkin beer, Football — one thing that sucks majorly is the shorter days. No sooner does one get home from work, changes into their exercise gear, grabs their handlebar mountable Bluetooth speaker and hops on to their bike for a quick ride down in the park, is it too dark out to see the paths.


Well, my fellow nighttime riders and skaters, it’s time to rejoice — it appears as though UK-based company ProTeq has created a solution to this headache: glow-in-the-dark pathways.


What’s really cool is that their solution doesn’t require the ripping up of pathways; rather, they can make the darkened roadways glow simply by painting it.


A polyurethane bases is applied, followed by a quick-drying topcoat to seal it. That’s it. A 420-foot long stretch could be glowing for the nighttime riders after a few hours of treatment work.


Learn more about ProTeq in the video below and start praying and hoping that we see it here, State-side, sooner than later!

One comment on “Glow in the dark paths could lead to nights of endless riding

  1. Good day from Malaysia.

    I am looking into promoting glowing signage and signboard to companies, shopping malls, consumers etc in Malaysia with your full support.

    In my opinion, most of the signboards in Malaysia are in an unaccepted conditions. At night, all signboards needs electricity to operate, unreadable if the power is turn off, its images/contains fading, dirty due to our weather condition etc. All signage is made from normal color print that cannot be seen or read when the lights are turn off.

    I am searching for products that will glow at night without the invention of electricity or when there is a blackout. Besides that, a product that will last for years specially on signboard with variety of color. Also that it is easy to handle and maintain. Malaysian are very typical when it comes to changing signboard, which is why we can look into providing maintenance services to maintain its glossiness.

    With your strong knowledge in this field, do you think it will work well with your products ? Is your product environment friendly and will it release any harmful substantial after prolonged use to human health in anyway ?

    Looking forward for your kind reply.

    Karen Lim

    PS : Once the paints have been painted, how long it will last/glows ?

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