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Top 10 Craziest Halloween Collection

Pumkin Speaker

While this Boombot portable speaker is not in production, you can add a soundtrack to your Halloween Trick-or-Treat escapade with one of these speakers.

Halloween is easily the craziest holiday in the world. This is a time where we set aside our inhibitions and live out all of our own sick little fantasies under the guise of a costume. Needless to say, things get weird. We’ve compiled a list of the craziest things we’ve seen on the interwebz for your own enjoyment. Perhaps you are still looking for a good halloween costume? This might be a good place to get inspired on what to wear for Halloween. Every night of mischief has a soundtrack.

Nothing says DOH!! like this Homer Simpson giddup.

weirdest costume

You kind of wonder if an alien put this pumpkin carving together. Mad props to the detail on this Predator piece. Watch out Arnold.

craziest pumpkin carving

If you’re dressing like a zombie and you have a gnarly sweet tooth, head to the store for some gummy brains. Be sure to get the organic free range type for better nutrition.


You know those people that dress up their dogs? Well this is just taking things too far. I never trust a girl in animal print. Definitely not an animal in animal print.

Costume for Dogs

What’s the point of Halloween without a proper slutty costume? Only rule is usually you gotta keep the nips hidden. Keyword….usually. Woah there Buffy.


On the flip side of slutty lies the costumes that just go a little bit TOO far. Remember, people don’t forget about what happens on Halloween. This stays with you for life.

nastiest costume


So where do you store the full scale Transformers in the off season? What does wifey have to say about it? These are one of the craziest Halloween decorations we’ve seen thus far.



Halloween is all fun and games until your buddy whips out that creep costume that actually makes those Abba Zabbas and Kit-Kats not quite sit so well.

creepiest costume


This would be yet another one of those…. that literally brought me stomach pains.



That was all pretty disturbing stuff, so we’ll end on a cute note. Add a little butter to this one and you got yourself a fine meal.

Cutest Costume

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