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Prop it UP – Boombot Giveaway

4 comments on “Prop it UP – Boombot Giveaway

  1. I love boom bot they have a high Quality of sound I love them when I’m at a party great for going out with the band love them so much you should get one! Trust me you should really get one now there absolutely brilliant

  2. This thing is amazing, useful and so great. I just had a baby and it’s put her to sleep, clips to my belt and i walk around getting nothing but great sound. I travels with me. I can’t say enough good things. Highly recommended.

  3. I am on my second boombot rex first one had batterie issues but they are the best portable bluetooth speaker i use mine when i downhill mountain bike its pretty durable some of them sound loud some dont i guess its just hit and miss with these but they are nice to have better then headphones in the helmet from allsport protection they were a real waste of money but i do like the rex worth buying

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