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How to Use the Boombotix SYNC App

If you are looking to set up a mobile surround sound system, the Boombotix app is amongst the first that enables you to set up a streaming audio network over wireless 4G/LTE networks. All you need are several friends with iOS devices and you can set up the most mobile surround sound system ever conceived.

This article covers some of the basic functionality of the Boombotix SYNC app. As we incorporate new features into the app or refine existing ones, we will keep this article updated to reflect the most recent product state. Let us know if you have any questions.

starting the app

When you open the app, you will be asked to sign in using your Facebook account or email. Using the Facebook login will make inviting your friends to join your listening session (recommended).

app modes

There are 4 basic modes built into this app. By default, you will start in the DJ Mode. Other modes can be accessed by hitting the list view in the upper left hand corner.

Boombotix App Mode Selection


In DJ Mode, you are creating a channel to play to other Listeners. As the DJ, you will have full control over your channel’s playlist. This is where you should only play your best mixes. Why would you waste your time with anything else?

Boombotix App DJ Playlist SelectionStart by selecting a song in the lower right hand corner. Currently, users can select from all songs in the Soundcloud ecosystem.

Once a song is selected, it will show up on the playlist. Select the track you want to play and allow up to 10 seconds for pairing to our servers.

During playback, you can invite friends in the lower left hand corner. You can invite friends via Facebook, or email.

Listen mode

If you don’t want the pressure of playing DJ, then you can still add to the party experience as a listener. In Listen Mode, you can sync up with a DJ to create a mobile surround sound system.

In Listen mode, you will be able to see the Playlist of the current DJ and receive a live stream of whatever the DJ is playing.

You can adjust the volume of your own device and change your source. You can also invite other friends to join the session.

nearby DJs

This is the most intuitive way to connect with other DJs channels. This screen will show you all of the closest DJs using the app and their distance.


To sync up with any of these DJs, just tap on them and you will automatically mirror the audio coming from the DJ’s device. Please allow 5-10 seconds for sync.

Once you have joined a DJ’s session, you will by default go into listener mode. Add some friends here too. The more the merrier.

invisible mode

In this mode, the Boombotix app works just a simple intuitive music player. This is a good place to assemble your DJ list and get a listen before you start streaming to your buddies.

other features and settings

The free version of the Boombotix App lets you DJ to one other device for up to 10 minutes or Listen for an unlimited amount of time to a DJ.

The Premium version allows you to connect up 10 devices with unlimited DJ time.

Single User mode enabled will allow you to login through several devices using one account. This mode will mirror all of the devices automatically in case you are using this app for personal use versus peer to peer.


If the sync does not work perfectly immediately, try some of the following:

  1. Check that the network you are on has strong signal and minimal latency. If using on a mobile network, ensure a strong connection and preferably an LTE network. 
  2. Stop the playback on the Listening device and attempt to jump into the preferred DJ mode several times.
  3. Reset the clock to the server by shaking your device and hitting the reset button. You can also use the tuning feature in listen mode to try to bring closer to the DJ stream to achieve perfect SYNC.
  4. Kill the app and restart it.
  5. Have the DJ restart the track and sync with listeners simultaneously.

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