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Motorola wants to tattoo a smartphone microphone onto your throat!

Company takes hands-free concept to the extreme

In order to reduce the amount of background noise that often gets picked up when using hands-free calling, Motorola has come up with the super extreme solution of tattooing a smartphone microphone into a user’s neck.


Now, while we do support wearable technology in all of its many forms, from Bluetooth headsets to wearable speakers, this seems a bit extensive . . . even for our liking.

The idea is to capture vibrations directly from one’s larynx so as to cut down on all the surrounding noise. The skin-based device would communicate with the user’s handset or portable device via Bluetooth, Zigbee, NFC, or other wireless technologies, and would include a battery that may or may not be rechargeable.


Other uses include fitting the tattoo with sensors and detectors to report additional data, ranging from health and wellness to being able to serve as a lie detector.

All of this was detailed in a patent the company filed, which included the extra little tidbit that this technology could be applied to other animals; that is, if one were so inclined.

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