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Death to the dock! Bluetooth speaker selection grows and sales show no signs of slowing down

consumer momentum on adoption of bluetooth speakers remains rapid


The portable Bluetooth market is growing rapidly, and we’re beginning to see several new companies throw their hats in the ring to see if they can successfully tap into the market. According to‘s recent article on the explosive growth within the speaker market, we have seen this segment grow in 2012 496% with sales of over 2.2 million Bluetooth speakers. A lot of this growth is attributed to the widespread adoption of the smartphone and more specifically, Android devices. The size of the Bluetooth speaker market is reported to be $264 million in 2012 according to NBD research. With this type of growth in 2013, this gadget could be a billion dollar market just in the US.

Boombotix CEO, Lief Storer commented, “we see a lot of viability in the Bluetooth speaker segment, but with so many players in the space, brands that can innovate with design and standout feature sets will be the only winners. We also expect to see the market become segmented  almost like what you see with bikes. You don’t just get a bike anymore. You get a road bike, a mountain bike, and possibly a commuter.”

Unfortunately, the quality of these portable pieces of audio technology is not consistent with one another. Being the soundthusiasts that we are, we compiled a quick-hit reference list of some of the noobs on the list to give you a feel of who’s offering what, and if it’s worth a single dollar out of your wallet.


Audyssey Wireless Speakers: Great design, solid sound, good quality. $175
Reviews on Amazon: 4.3 stars (out of 5)
Audyssey’s speakers look great in the living room. Unfortunately, you won’t want to move them anywhere else.

Beats by Dre Pill: Popular, sound’s not good, expensive: $200
Reviews on Amazon: 3.9 stars
You’ll look cool, until you turn the music on and your friends hear crap.


Boombot Rex: Stylish, small, easy to carry around: $110
**Reviews on Amazon: 4.9 stars**
The Rex was built to be used, not simply seen like a lot of the other speakers on this list. Long battery life, loud sound, drop-tested and waterproof. It’s one of the few that will last.

Bose SoundLink Mini: Small package, loud sound, pretty rugged. $200
**Reviews on Amazon: 4.8 stars**
The SoundLink Mini is durable, and water resistant, has good long battery life, and a deep bass.

Braven 570 and 600 speakers: Easy to charge, small, strong battery. $95 / $65
Reviews on Amazon: 3.8 / 3.8 stars
Both are run-of-the-mill speakers, folks. Respect the effort of Braven, but they’re not there yet.

Grace Digital Ecoxgear Ecoxbt: Durable, waterproof, cheap. $95
Reviews on Amazon: 4.4 stars
Nice piece of audio gear for the active audiophile.


G-Project G-Boom: Great sound, massive piece, middle of the road battery: $100
**Reviews on Amazon: 4.5 stars**
Looking for a good workout? Try carrying this behemoth around with your wherever you go.

HMDX Jam: Solid like a brick, cheaply made though; short battery life. $35
Reviews on Amazon: 4.4 stars
Description says it all. G’head and take a pass on this one.

Jabra Solemate: Misses the mark in a bunch of spots, has a hook for easy carrying, unique design: $150
**Reviews on Amazon: 4.5 stars**
I’ll be honest here, despite the positive reviews on Amazon, the materials that make up this product are altogether cheap and as a result, the sound sucks. Pretty disappointing.


Jawbone Jambox: Good performance, better value than in the past, sound is still a bit off. $130
Reviews on Amazon: 3.9 stars
The Jambox owns a good portion of this audience, but for the wrong reasons: good marketing doesn’t necessarily mean a sound product. There are better options out there.

JBL Charge: Clear, balanced sound. 12 hours of battery life. $139.
**Reviews on Amazon: 4.7 stars **
Honestly, the JBL Charge is a quality product and a decent competitor of ours.


Logitech UE Mini Boom: Small, great sound, solid performance. $100
**Reviews on Amazon: 4.5 stars**
Among the best Bluetooth speakers on the market for the same reason as the Rex: you’ll actually use it.

Monster ClairtyHD Micro: Nice sound, good size, can be a bit expensive on some sites: $50
Reviews on Amazon: 4.2 stars
I don’t know why, but prices have been seen to go for over $200 for this little piece of audio tech. If you’re on a site where you see this, definitely look elsewhere.

Oontz Angle by Cambridge Soundworks: Sound sucks, no bass, looks cool: $40
Reviews on Amazon: 4.3 stars
This thing is suuuuuuuper cheap. If you need a Bluetooth speaker ASAP and haven’t saved up a ton in your weekly allowance money, this is the route to go. Otherwise, invest elsewhere if quality is of even the slightest importance to you.


Philips Shoqbox SB7200: Expensive and rugged. $90
Reviews on Amazon: 3.7 stars
Is that a Shoqbox in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Never been a fan of this design, but that’s up to you. Sound is still lacking though. Easy to carry around.

Skullcandy Air Raid: Durable, loud, good sound. $150
Reviews on Amazon: NA
The popular headphones maker comes out with their own Bluetooth speaker and we’re pretty impressed. Beats the pants off popular brands like Jambox and the Pill when it comes to sound. Doesn’t compete with us when it comes to price, though.

Sound Kick by Soundfreaq: Enormous, cheap, heavy. $100
**Reviews on Amazon: 4.5 stars**
7-hour battery life and this thing is a bitch to carry around. Not worth the investment.


Sony SRS-BTX500: Premium product, quality sound, easy to carry around: $165
**Reviews on Amazon: 4.6 stars**
though a bit long, this is a high quality Bluetooth speaker; as such, you’ll fork over a pretty penny for it.

Tivoli Audio PAL BT: Too expensive, too expensive, too expensive. $300
Reviews on Amazon: 3.4 stars
Did you see the $300 price tag?

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