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Squashing the Bugs Out of SYNC


This past week we have been busy stomping out a number of bugs within the Boombotix SYNC app. With the project now at 80% funding, we’re all feeling pretty good about the progress. Several backers have been asking about limited edition Boombots as backer rewards. I wanted to just clarify that as a backer, you can pick from any style within a specific model you’d like (ex. You backed for $100 Boombot REX, you can order a Woodgrain edition Boombot).

I wanted to share our workflow with you all so that those of you interested in developing apps could use similar tools to ensure that you can build the best app possible. If you are not a developer, then this is likely the side of the project that is going to be most important to managing your product. Using a project management web app will be your best methodology for communicating with your development team.

the art of bug squashing

We are using an app developed by Pivotal Labs in order to manage the workflow of debugging and adding features. The app is called Pivotal Tracker, which has a dashboard consisting of three sections of project management. We have the ICE BOX where we discuss ideas and possible feature additions. Once an idea or bug is approved, we put it in BACKLOG ( a place where they wait till they are taken up in a sprint ). The main activity zone is CURRENT, which has a typical duration of one week. Stories to be taken on in this week move to CURRENT block.

Pivotal Tracker

In the screenshot above, you can see the ICE BOX on the far right, the CURRENT box on the left, and the BACKLOG in the middle. Pivotal Tracker also has a point system so as the manager, you can prioritize your projects as needed. There are also a number of features similar to a task management app like tags, attachments, and categories so you can keep your workflow organized and prioritized.

I don’t want to bore you with developer tools, but rather offer some insight on what we do to ensure we can continually make progress with developing this technology. With software, it is really easy to fall into developing features without really taking a methodical approach at building upon a user experience that adds value.

Kickstarter buddy Shout Out

My buddy Evan has a company that is also currently launching a product on Kickstarter. His invention is called the BatteryBot. They’ve always had pretty cool character based design. On this project they did a cool Lithium Ion charger accessory. I don’t know about you guys, but my iPhone is always out of battery. I’ve been lugging around a Mophie for travel, but I am pretty excited about this fun design. I backed the project myself and if you get a moment, you should check it out.


progress in Boombotix sync

Last week we submitted an alpha version of Boombotix SYNC to the app store just to see if there were any outstanding issues that needed to be addressed with the current build. For those who don’t know, iTunes Connect is the service used for managing all of your apps. In our first pass, the app was rejected because of one of the APIs we were using to control the volume was not public. The App Store also required us to create a prompt regarding the battery and data consumption using this app.

Boombotix SYNC provides streaming music, so when you are using it, data rates will be very similar to when you use other high quality music streaming services like Soundcloud or Spotify on mobile. The app also consumes battery at about the same rate as when you run your Google Maps or Apple Maps because we use the GPS. This isn’t to say that the app is a battery guzzler (nothing guzzles batteries quite like your bright screen), but we at least have to let users know this about using the app before it can be accepted.  Good news is that there are no major issues with the app submission, so we should be able to get accepted into the app store at some point in December.

Ben is just getting ready to launch our new website for Boombotix SYNC. He put together a really sick layerslider design that does a great job illustrating multiple phones pairing over the cloud. Look out for it soon here> (will be live this week)


If anyone needs an accelerated delivery of their backer rewards for special circumstances, please let us know. As promised, we are well poised to get everyone’s rewards out well before the holidays. If you have friends you ride or party with, please share our campaign. I don’t know about you, but we are trying to RAGE this New Year’s Eve.

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