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Woman has heart-shaped twinkle tattooed onto eyeball

Those looking for new ways to express themselves are taking some pretty extreme measures

Take a quick look through our eclectic mix of portable speakers and one thing you’ll be able to tell right away is that the folks here at Boombotix are all about self-expression.




But this story out of NYC is a bit extreme, even for our liking. It goes like this: Lucy Luckayanko (real name? me thinks not, but hey, we’ll roll with it) has decided she wants to make a statement of self-expression, and she’s going to do this by having a permanent, platinum twinkle tattooed onto her eyeball.


Crazy, right? But get this – apparently the procedure is HUGE in Europe and Los Angeles, where hundreds of surgeries have already been done. It’s not fully cleared by the FDA here in the States, but that’s not stopping Lucy and her doc, Dr. Emil Chynn, the director of Park Avenue Laser Vision, from performing this $3,000 procedure in New York.

According to Chynn, the procedure’s super safe: “It’s a very thin piece of platinum that’s designed for insertion on the top of the eye, it’s not in the eye so there’s no risk of blindness or anything at all. She could have a little bit of local bleeding. That could go away in a couple days or couple weeks. She could have an infection but we’ll prevent that with antibiotics.”

Specifically, the procedure involves placing a piece of Safesight jewelery implant between the sclera (white part of the eye) and the conjunctiva (clear, outer membrane).

As you can tell by the picture below, Lucy’s already had the procedure done. Upon seeing it, she said that “50 percent of [her] friends are like oh my god it’s super cool.”


What do you think? Cool and worth risking your sight? Or meh, not so much.

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