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Mobile app helps you escape hustle and bustle of city, find quiet spots to chill-lax

Mobile app Stereopublic crowdsources the quiet

One of the more unique mobile apps to come out of late, besides obviously our SYNC app for portable speakers, Stereopublic is a program that, more or less, crowdsources quiet spots in a city for users to go and enjoy.


The app’s designer, Jason Sweeney, says that the intent behind Stereopublic is to use it as a tool to help people find a little bit of tranquility in their crowded world. In an interview he stated that, “it was very personal desire to think of future cities as having dedicated quiet spaces that were either built into them or to nurture those spaces that already existed . . . so the idea for the app came about when thinking of a way to make a ‘quiet-seeking’ tool that the public could freely access to participate in this quest for quiet.”


The way it works is pretty simple: users download the app and begin tagging their favorite quiet spots in their local town or city. They can then add pictures, record audio, and file the location into different mood categories for future reference. This information can then be shared among friends on social networks like Facebook, to create collaborative maps for all the super quiet spots in a city or town.


Worth noting from an audio perspective: users can make original songs from their recordings using the Stereopublic app. They can also request original song compositions from the program using unique sound clips they recorded with their device.

In the end, Sweeney’s goal is to create an app that allows people to slow down their day just a bit, and enjoy a couple of moments of peace, relaxation, and quiet.

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