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Bike light is as loud as a car horn

Headlight helps bikers let drivers know where they are on the road

Well here’s a nifty little gadget for your bike. It’s called the Orp, and it’s a $65 LED headlight that easily mounts and dismounts from any bike’s handlebars.


The reason why it’s so expensive is because it’s function is two-fold; you see, it also serves as a horn. When triggered, it will release a loud-as-you-know-what shriek that can be heard inside a running car with its windows rolled up.


There are two horns to choose from. One’s a more subtle, slightly more polite 76-decibel chime that lets the foot traffickers and sidewalk hogs know that you’re pedaling their way. The other is a 96-decibel shriek that is specifically meant to let drivers know that you’re on the road too.


As for the headlight portion, the Orp comes equipped with an 87-lumen LED that can run for three hours per charge, and even longer if it’s set to flash. Worth noting is that the entire encasement is waterproof, too, so you can take it out on the rain or ride through a puddle and not have to worry about burning the thing out should it get wet.

Couple it with one of our Bluetooth portable speakers which, like the Orp, can be easily attached to a bike’s handlebars, and you may never want to step inside a car again.


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