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Wren throws caution to the wind, launches plus-sized Bluetooth speaker

Sound is nice, but damn this thing’s a monster

If you take 30 seconds to go through our site, you know that we take pride in not only the look of each one of our portable speakers, but the sheer functionality that they present too.


That’s because we want you to own a speaker that not only looks great, but something that you can take with you wherever you go. After all, that is sort of the point of Bluetooth speakers, right? Less wires = easier moving around.

If you agree, then in all likelihood you’ll be in the same boat as me when I say – What in world of Bluetooth portable speakers was Wren thinking when they created the V5BT Bluetooth speaker?

V5BT-157-T.jpg 1382007220

This thing’s a MONSTER! At approximately 6 x 4.25 x 16.5 inches, Wren’s new speaker weighs 6.5 pounds. That means once you put it down, whether it’s in a bookshelf, on your desktop, or to serve as a door jam, chances are, you’re not moving it anywhere else.


There are a couple of other headaches associated with this speaker. For one, there’s no remote control. So volume is adjusted with the paired device or by the actual physical buttons on the speaker. Also, the price is astronomical – at $399, you’ll be dropping plenty a pretty penny to own a device that performs as well as other speakers on the market priced for half that amount (and less, much less as a matter of fact).


Now, I don’t want this to be a complete bashing. The one thing I do have to give Wren is that the V5BT does sound good. The 50-watt speaker is crystal-clear when streaming audio from its paired-up device. From high to middle to lower volume levels, everything sounds great. Also, the bass is powerful without being obnoxious, and the style of the speaker, that is, its design, ain’t too shabby.


But don’t be fooled by my paragraph of niceties folks — Bluetooth speakers like Wren’s V5BT are popping up now more than ever before and there are other options out there — better options, especially when it comes to sound, portability, and most importantly, price.

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