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Pimp my tub? Bathroom fixture has digital controls, speakers, and built-in sink

One of the bathroom’s most basic components gets major facelift

I’m not going to lie—if I had a tub like this in my home, I’d be a shriveled up prune because I would never-ever leave the thing.


The curvaceously-appealing Symbiosis bathtub from Desnahemisfera features an electronically controlled water pressure and temperature system, both of which can be adjusted with the easy push of a button. It also includes built-in speakers, which allow the bather to stream their favorite music from their mobile device.



As if that’s not already enough, there’s also a sink attached to the tub because, well, why not, right?


From the company’s website:

Symbiosis is the harmony of a bath and washbasin. The merger of two bathroom fixtures creates a form completely adapted to the human body. All plumbing installations are concealed from the human eye in the dual bottom, bringing to the fore the design purity of the object itself.

Besides the design aesthetic, Symbiosis is also a technologically advanced product, as water temperature and water pressure can be controlled at the touch of a button, while its built-in speakers enable you to play your favourite music on your mobile phone or device while you enjoy a relaxing bath.

Not too surprising is the fact that there’s no price tag tied to the Symbiosis, which means if you have to ask how much it is, you probably can’t afford it.

That being the case, feel free to browse our selection of Bluetooth, SPLASH-PROOF speakers that you can bring into the room with you to enjoy while bathing in your own filth.

As for attaching your sink to the tub, sorry, but you’re on your own with that project.

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