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Sony is selling their new MP3 player in bottles of water

Marketing stunt meant to show just how waterproof the device actually is

Kudos to Sony for coming up with a pretty smart marketing stunt — in an effort to prove just how waterproof the company’s new waterproof NWZ-W270 MP3 player is, Sony is selling the device not in a cardboard box but rather, encased in a bottle of water, dispensed via vending machine.


The MP3 / water bottle machines were placed at pools and gyms all throughout New Zealand. “By combining the product with bottled water, we’ve created a world first — the Bottled Walkman. This simple packaging innovation gave us a unique way to display the product, which instantly demonstrated its benefit,” says DraftFCB in a video showcasing the campaign.

The whole concept is pretty well thought-out and as makers of one of the most splash and water and liquid-proof portable speakers on the market, we give Sony the ol’ tip o’ the hat for their creative approach in getting this feature out to potential clients.

Check out the promo video for the MP3 player below and if you want to see our Boombot 2 portable speakers get waterboarded and dunked without regard, check out our video below that.

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