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Umbrella immerses user in a veil of sound

Artist experiments with the design of the personal sound system

Gotta love artists – always taking what we thought we once knew and blowing it up and creating something entirely new and different. Take for instance, the personal sound system. You think you know what it is:


Then BAM – an artist like Dmitry Morozov comes around and creates something completely new. Called “Anywhere”, what you see below is an ordinary umbrella, stripped of its cloth, and outfitted with an Arduino Uno microcontroller, optical relays, and a micro SD wav player to create a system that literally immerses the user into a veil of sound.



Even cooler – you can go ahead and re-add the water-proof covering and take it “Anywhere” you go (kind of like some other *ahem* *ahem* Bluetooth ultra-portable sound systems I know).

With “Anywhere”, Now you really can be “Singing in the Rain” (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

Check out the “Anywhere” umbrella in the video below:

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