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Boombotix Expanding Custom Product Assortment

We didn’t realized it at first, but as a number of companies reached out to us to get custom speakers made, private labeling has become a key focus for Boombotix. Some clients were looking for cool gifts, and others were making promotional products. The reaction we got from recipients has been phenomenal. No engraved pen or calculator will ever bring the same reaction that music does. Have a look at our private label catalog for a taste of some options we have.

Boombots were always designed to have the highest level of customization. Naturally, our ability to work with other brands to create one-of-a-kind designs has become something our brand can do better than anyone else in this category. If you are looking to make a high end gift with a quickness. Daniel will be able to help you get a design together and take you through the whole process. Email Us Your Design  650-204-7900 If you are ready to get rolling on your custom speaker, go ahead and download the templates right here:



Email Us Your Design 

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