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Boombotix Presents Kyle Warner

Every year we get to sync up with most of our bike crew at the Sea Otter Classic. Kyle Warner has been killing it all season long and sending us some great pics to work into our spring/summer catalogs. You might notice he’s rockin’ a Limited Edition Aluminum Boombot REX in this pic below.

boom (1)

Sea Otter is always a pretty fun trip for us. I’m not going to personally be able to go this year because I have to fly to Tulsa to go pick up a secret weapon. More on that project later. I’ve never been to Tulsa, but my objective is to get out of there in no more than 12 hours. Call it a mission.

The mountain biking community tends to have a somewhat mixed reaction to Boombots. There are some that really see the raw utility of it. Some of us use it out there building dirt jumps with the guys. Some use Boombots while riding, which gets the most mixed response. I guess for those of us that bomb stuff and make fast passes, we don’t find ourselves creating noise pollution. There are the haters that thing we are intruding on their nature experience. Hey, we can’t please everyone, but we do know that it’s more fun to ride with friends when you can actually hear everyone around you.

Below is a pretty cool video of Kyle Warner and some of his buddies doing some freeriding and trail. Enjoy.


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