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Designers make a bike out of old soda cans

A wooden frame and some mechanical pieces are all that’s needed for this can-bike

Want to recycle but hate taking the trip down to the depository. Here’s a solution: build a bike out of all your old soda cans.


At least, that’s what Valencia-based designer Dan Gestoso did. His concept bike, called “Boske”, looks like it came straight out of an Ikea catalogue.


The frame is made of curved, laminated wood, but mechanical pieces like the front fork and seat base are made out of aluminum taken from recycled soda cans.


As per Gestoso, the bike is as strong as any run-of-the-mill aluminum bike on the market today. The one question that wasn’t addressed, though, is whether or not the parts made out of the re-used cans will last. Even if they’re not, Gestoso said that he designed the bike to be easy to repair, and all sections can be replaced if need be; that is, no part of the bike is too specialized that it can’t be easily fixed.


Following the well-deserved publicity he got for the bike, Gestoso said that he’ll next be working on building a full prototype, this time with a more durable frame.

For the next round of photos, might we suggest mounting a Bluetooth portable speaker to the handlebars to jazz the bike up some?

More photos of Gestoso’s aluminum can bike below:



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