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Artist Hightlight: Michael Sato

MichaelSato Several months ago I met Michael Sato randomly on our company’s LiveChat. When I work late at night, I would go on LiveChat just because I enjoyed speaking directly to customers. Michael was talking about using our speakers while he was doing photo shoots. He really likes listening to music while making his art, but he couldn’t wear headphones while he was working with models and athletes. He often shoots action sports photography, so he needed a versatile speaker. The fact that Boombots clipped on made it the perfect companion to take on shoots.

I looked him up online while we were talking and I really enjoyed his work. His Instagram was full of shots from all over the world. I was blown away with the stuff this guy gets to shoot. That evening we ended up chatting for about an hour about projects. He ended up swooping up a Boombot REX and taking it on his next trip. About a week later he came by our office and grabbed some footage we took of Del (tha Funky Homosapien). He cut us a short video piece just for the fun of it and soon enough we started making some bigger plans to shoot.

Sato started out shooting skate, but he’s now doing a variety of things from commercials to weddings. If you need to capture the moment, hit this guy up. He does video, photo, and he definitely has a great eye.

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