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You’ll save some space when you give your bike a hug with the Clug

Nifty clip holds bike in place, saves you some major space

Thank goodness for Kickstarter — otherwise, how else would we find out about ridiculously awesome concepts like Clug?


Yes, what you see above is a clip, but be warned — this is no ordinary clip. You see, it’s a bike clip, which can get applied just about anywhere, for the purpose of holding one’s cycle upside down, securely and in place, thereby saving you some serious space.




One of the more attractive features about the Clug is its price point. At $9 CAD each, purchasing one is kind of a no brainer.

What’s more, if you have access to a 3D printer, you can actually buy Clug’s digital blueprint for $5, and actually print out as many of the clips as you need.


The folks at Vancouver-based Hurdler Studios are the brilliant minds behind the Clug. They took to Kickstarter a few days ago in hopes of securing $32,000 in Canadian coin to begin manufacturing the clip. They’ve since doubled their goal, and are well on their way to full-scale production.


Considering the success our Bluetooth portable speakers have had on Kickstarter in the past, we can’t help but get super excited by stories like this, with such worth-your-money products as the Clug. So definitely check them out, and if you have a few extra bones to lay down, throw them some support and get a Clug for yourself!

Check out the Clug Kickstarter page!

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