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Boombot PRO Design Breakdown


The Boombot PRO has a little more to it than just good looks and fancy zinc trim. Chris and I have worked on this design since the first Boombot REX came out in 2013. We’re going to share our process so you can understand what really makes the PRO our best of class.


While the REX sounds awesome and has a ton of punch, we put a big emphasis on trying to bring the bass response to life on this unit. We were capped out on the 36mm drivers on the Boombot REX. We bumped up the speaker sizes to 40mm and wattage went from 3W to 5W. The larger drivers had stronger bass response, so we were able to do away with the passive radiator in favor of increasing the air space in the speaker cabinet. When we saw the impact we were having by increasing air volume, we rounded out the front of the speaker housing to buy even more. The result was an increase in bass response of over 50%. The moment you turn the PRO on, you’ll notice a fuller, deeper and richer sound than the Boombot REX.

Pro Exploded


Internally, we have two high fidelity drivers pushing a lot more power than the Boombot REX Managing the power and reducing noise is key as you add power. Rather than driving two speakers with one amp, we built in dual amps that drive each speaker separately. This not only allowed us to push a true stereo configuration but it also improved the clarity on each driver.


The Boombot PRO incorporates hybrid playback with Chambers mode as a standard feature. Having 2GB of internal storage allows the Boombot PRO to operate completely untethered from a handset. We thought this was especially useful for applications where we’d have exposure to water.


On the Boombot PRO, you’ll notice the texture is slightly different from our other products. The entire outside is done in a rubber over-mold. This is a process where you double-tool the mold. While this process is more expensive in tooling, it also ensures that the housing is full protected from elements. The new double-tooled mold also increased the housing structure and air sealing which ultimately had a positive impact on acoustics as well. The process makes the Boombot PRO more drop resistant than anything we’ve ever made, and of course, fully waterproofed. You will notice that we’ve eliminated the beloved 3.5mm auxiliary jack. Part of this choice was to make waterproofing easier, and part of it was just because it’s 2015- we’re dedicated to wireless.


At Boombotix, we’re never really done with our design.. That’s prompted us to look for future weight reduction plans. The door that currently covers the micro-USB does the job of sealing, but we’re also looking to make that a little easier to snap into place. If you have any other suggestions on design refinements for the future Boombot PRO, please let us know!

Boombot PRO portable

7 comments on “Boombot PRO Design Breakdown

  1. you guys rock ! (pun intended) this is hands down the best portable speaker out there. we’ve been a big supporter and evangelist since day 1. we’ve bought the original Rex too, and have convinced others to do the same! looking forward to this new Rex. keep groovin’

  2. I know the boombot pro is already really awesome, but if you needed to eliminate the micro USB charger, you could also just look into wireless charging. Lots of android phone (like droid turbo, galaxy s6) use this technology, and I think it would contribute to making it even more waterproof

  3. I’ve been a customer since the beginning and I love the Pro. The sound is really rich and beautiful. I still love the Rex though, because it’s loud as hell,

  4. ive owned 4 boombot rexes and totally loved them can’t wait to purchase this new speaker that you’ve produced hopefully you will offer one in the college pink but that would probably be to “out of the box”type of wishing .still I’m sure it’s gonna rock

  5. Any plans to put a tripod mount on the back? That would make it perfect for me….

  6. I became a first time owner of a Rex 2 years ago. Since then, I have purchased a total of 5 Rex’s and one special Chronic BB2. Yeah, my family REALLY digs them.

    I’m really happy with the design and features of the new Pro. Can’t wait to get mine real soon!

  7. Any connector would be better than micro USB. Two posts for jumper cables would be better.

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