We like to party HARD

Our skater Jevelle Wiltz is one talented dude. If he’s not out skating the streets or skate parks in Reno, Sac-town or Frisco you can find him rapping up a storm, playing a beat off his i-phone and blasting his portable speaker. Velly Vell’s debut song and music video, “We Like To Party Hard,” is all about meeting ladies, dancin’ and partying (something else he happens to be good at). What do you guys think about this song? Think he’s got what it takes to be American’s Next Top Rapper?

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Do you have a skiing problem?

Do you get sad when your goggle tan fades away? Do you understand the meaning of having no friends on a powder day? Do you have a problem stopping for a lunch break and always have to take “one more run?”

Check out these videos to get you through the next month!

Boombotix edit, Charlie Ingalls from Charlie Ingalls on Vimeo.

Catching up with the team!

Skier Jason Arens has been coaching at Windells Camp this summer. Check out this edit from the “funnest place on earth.”

Session 2, 2011: Skiing from Windells on Vimeo.

Our main man, Jason Clary just took an road trip down to LA with his film crew. As always, Jason leaves us with an entertaining edit.

Macaframa Los Angeles Trip from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

Charlie Ingalls absolutely killed his ski season. Check out a little glimpse of what it’s like to be really good at skiing: