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25 Scariest Halloween Movies of All Time

Get Ready to Scream!

Halloween is here again and that means it’s time to watch a bunch of movies so terrifying that you’ll have to leave the lights on when you go to bed until at least Thanksgiving. There is nothing better than a great horror movie that leaves you freaked out by every little thing that goes bump in the night.

So we’ve put together this crazy list of the scariest movies of all time so you can grab them for the weekend! The list features a ton of classics but it also has a few surprises. And no, it’s not in order from best to worst. It’s just 25 scary as hell movies.

Don’t agree with the list? Feel free to comment and tell us what you think we missed. Now, let’s dive in to the terror head first!

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10 Hottest Zombie Girls

Zombies are the new Vampires

Halloween is just a few weeks away now, along with the season premiere of The Walking Dead, which means it’s time for…ZOMBIES! If you’ve been feeling the hankering for a hunk of fresh, hot, human brains don’t panic – you are not alone. In fact soon you’ll be part of the horde! Arrgh! Brains!

From Michael Jackson’s Thriller to Resident Evil’s 5th incarnation to AMC’s The Walking Dead it seems they are everywhere! Zombies have always been cool if you think about it – but lately they are getting the red carpet treatment they so richly deserve. Brad Pitt is even set to star in the film adaptation of World War Z, the New York Times bestseller from Max Brooks (who also wrote the Zombie Survival Guide). The film has had some production delays but promises to be a smashing success. As the Boombotix resident “zombie expert” I’m going to see it at the midnight screening for sure – whether that’s in December or next June.

According to one new source zombies are now worth over 5 billion dollars to the economy! That’s books, movies, videos, music, and blogs plus merchandise. One of the things contributing to this is a sudden uptick in the love of dystopic fiction – end of the world scenarios that involve complex interactions between morally divergent survivors fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Think Hunger Games or the new NBC show REVOLUTION. Max Brooks had this to add on his website…

“I think they (zombies) reflect our very real anxieties of these crazy scary times. A zombie story gives people a fictional lens to see the real problems of the world. You can deal with societal breakdown, famine, disease, chaos in the streets, but as long as the catalyst for all of them is zombies, you can still sleep.”

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Cosplay Makes Every Day Like Halloween

Step Into A World of Wonder and Painstaking Attention to Detail

Halloween is not so far off. You can feel it in the air. The decorations are going up. Seasonal pumpkin flavors have invaded nearly all your favorite refreshments. There is nothing quite like it, dressing up as your favorite character and acting out for your friends. If only it happened more than once a year!

Well guess what? Now thanks to a sweeping new trend you don’t need an excuse to play make believe. Short for Costume Play, Cosplay is is a type of performance art that you participate in by dressing up as a specific character or even an idea.

It differs from Halloween, or even Mardi Gras, in that the celebration centers completely around the adoration and fetishization of a particular character, rather than using a holiday as the theme.

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Setting Up Surround Sound on a Computer

If you’re like me you like to watch movies and play video games on your computer at home and not just in your living room. We all know the best way to play some of these games is in the solitude of your Mancave late at night secluded from prying and often judgmental eyes.

Here’s a little known fun fact to help increase your audio enjoyment – You can easily set up a realistic surround sound speaker system with very little hassle using your computer, the exact same way you would with a television. You read that right! That’s why I’m going to break it down for you so you’ll know how to do this from now on. Then whenever you feel like watching a movie the way the director intended you to, or playing a first person shooter with the full effect of hearing shots going off behind you, you’ll be able to hook up optimal audio performance on a moment’s notice.

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Call Me Maybe, the Creepy Chat Roulette Dude Version

Chat Roulette Meets ‘Call Me Maybe’ With Hilarious Results

By now we’re certain that you’ve heard of Carly Rae Jepsen, the girl who sings “Call Me Maybe” and who has, inadvertently, spawned countless parodies. If you haven’t we’ll give you this moment to VIEW THE ORIGINAL and catch yourself up to speed.

For about as long as anyone can remember the hit song of summer has been as predictable as the weather, with pop radio payola pushing some cheesy tune right before school got out until your eardrums bled. You’d hear it on the beach. You’d hear it at the pool. You’d hear it in passing cars, on television commercials, on ice cream trucks, on Boombots – even in your sleep! Record sales became CD sales became iTunes singles downloads and the music makers marketing department would laugh all the way to the bank.

This summer something wholly unexpected happened. Carly took her cheerful ditty and wedged it permanently into our heads using social media like Twitter and Youtube. Shit got real, and fast. It was number one for over nine straight weeks. Suddenly Carly was more famous than Rebecca Black and infinitely more likeable.

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