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Rich Kids on Instagram Living Limitless Fantasies

What would you do if there were no limits?

There is an old saying that tells us that youth is wasted on the young. Essentially this hoary old maxim informs us that by the time we have the wealth, experience of hard earned life lessons, and the resulting wisdom accrued from those lessons under our collective belts we will no longer have the vitality, optimism, creativity and passion to truly enjoy the world to the fullest like we should. If you think it sounds like something bitter middle aged people say to defend abandoning their dreams you’re about half right.

The saying came to mind after stumbling upon the Tumblr for Rich Kids of Instagram. Now here is a group of kids who may not have the wisdom, but who definitely have the means to pursue their dreams to the fullest. Think about it – what if money were literally no object? What would your days look like? It’s a question we’ve all spent hours daydreaming up answers to, some of us more so than others, and while we were supposed to be working hard for our bosses! Here is a group of kids who actually get to answer that question on a daily basis.

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Ten Dumbest Celebrity Tattoos – 2012 Edition

Nothing Lasts Forever Except The Embarrassment of a Bad Tattoo

There are a lot of lists floating around on the internet these days of dumb celebrities who’ve gone and gotten even dumber tattoos. It’s funny to think of how a misspelling scrawled into their skin will indelibly remind us of just how fallible these lesser Gods really are. In the end they aren’t any better than the rest of us, just more popular and, in most cases, with a whole lot more money.  They might be better off investing in some sick sound gadgetry, but alas, to each his own.

Since the list of new idiotic tattoos being carved into the soft flesh of celebrities never seems to quit growing (thanks in no small part to rap music and reality television) we’ve decided to jump in and add our own Top Ten. Hope you enjoy! And remember, it’s only gotta last forever, so make sure it counts!

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Sexy Skywalker Catipults New Fad Into International Spotlight

World Class Cleavage Shines New Light on Growing Teen Trend

Strange and dangerous teenage fads are nothing new. A cursory look back at history shows them in every era, with each new generation trying their hand at raising the bar in their own way. Some kids dodge trains, or climb up under them on bridges and wait for them to rush by. Some kids lie down in traffic or drive with their lights off. Some kids pour vodka into their eyes, or soak it into tampons and insert it where the sun don’t shine. Some kids smoke Smarties, drink hand sanitizer, car surf, and ghost ride the whip. Some kids plank. Some kids flat line. Some kids SWAT. Some kids are into bath salts and spice and Salvia and HFS and other lame forms of getting high. Some kids kick each other in the crotch for self expression. Some bite. Some get into kinky sex games like rainbow parties. Some kids take the easy way out and just troll. The smart set use Google Earth to crash their neighbors pools. I like those kids.

So what’s the hot new trend in Russia? It’s called Skywalking.

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The Best Animal Cam Feeds on the Web

Wasting Time At Work Was Never This Much Fun Before

Last week the internet was introduced to the Brown Bear & Salmon Cam, which offers a bird’s eye view of the hungrybrown bears hunting Sockeye Salmon on the Brooks River in Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve for a full 17 hours a day!


The live cam feeds rocked the world, causing untold numbers of bored employees to quit working or doing anything even reasonably productive and just stare at their screens for hours on end. In all fairness many of those employees did IM to other employees and friends to talk about which of the bears had just caught a salmon trying to swim upstream in their scary mouths.

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Please Don’t Interrupt the DJ

Unless You Plan on Bribing Him

Surely you’ve been in this position before. You get to a club (or a live event, or house party) you get your drink on, and in no time you’re feeling just splendid. The DJ is playing some fine jams, everything is shiny, every one is having an amazing time. Then it happens.

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