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CEO and Founder of Boombotix, I design and direct the vision of making the worlds most advanced portable audio devices. I specialize in product design, entrepreneurship, and business development. You may see or hear me in the mountains of Lake Tahoe or in the streets of San Francisco. I enjoy skiing with most of my heart and biking with whatever is left. I enjoy going fast and pushing the physical limitations of every moving contraption. You can also find some of my work at liefstorer.com

Boombot PRO Design Breakdown


The Boombot PRO has a little more to it than just good looks and fancy zinc trim. Chris and I have worked on this design since the first Boombot REX came out in 2013. We’re going to share our process so you can understand what really makes the PRO our best of class.


While the REX sounds awesome and has a ton of punch, we put a big emphasis on trying to bring the bass response to life on this unit. We were capped out on the 36mm drivers on the Boombot REX. We bumped up the speaker sizes to 40mm and wattage went from 3W to 5W. The larger drivers had stronger bass response, so we were able to do away with the passive radiator in favor of increasing the air space in the speaker cabinet. When we saw the impact we were having by increasing air volume, we rounded out the front of the speaker housing to buy even more. The result was an increase in bass response of over 50%. The moment you turn the PRO on, you’ll notice a fuller, deeper and richer sound than the Boombot REX.

Pro Exploded


Internally, we have two high fidelity drivers pushing a lot more power than the Boombot REX Managing the power and reducing noise is key as you add power. Rather than driving two speakers with one amp, we built in dual amps that drive each speaker separately. This not only allowed us to push a true stereo configuration but it also improved the clarity on each driver.


The Boombot PRO incorporates hybrid playback with Chambers mode as a standard feature. Having 2GB of internal storage allows the Boombot PRO to operate completely untethered from a handset. We thought this was especially useful for applications where we’d have exposure to water.


On the Boombot PRO, you’ll notice the texture is slightly different from our other products. The entire outside is done in a rubber over-mold. This is a process where you double-tool the mold. While this process is more expensive in tooling, it also ensures that the housing is full protected from elements. The new double-tooled mold also increased the housing structure and air sealing which ultimately had a positive impact on acoustics as well. The process makes the Boombot PRO more drop resistant than anything we’ve ever made, and of course, fully waterproofed. You will notice that we’ve eliminated the beloved 3.5mm auxiliary jack. Part of this choice was to make waterproofing easier, and part of it was just because it’s 2015- we’re dedicated to wireless.


At Boombotix, we’re never really done with our design.. That’s prompted us to look for future weight reduction plans. The door that currently covers the micro-USB does the job of sealing, but we’re also looking to make that a little easier to snap into place. If you have any other suggestions on design refinements for the future Boombot PRO, please let us know!

Boombot PRO portable

Boombotix Launches Achozen on the Boombot PRO

Achozen_Twitter_Cover_1500x500_2015-06-24 (1)


This week is a historical for us here at Boombotix. Along with the release of the Boombot PRO, we’ve worked with RZA to tie in a digital content release under Achozen. RZA has worked closely with Shavo Odadjian of System Of A Down to help us create a unique blend of hip-hop rock-metal. When I first heard the album, my first reference was the Blade Soundtrack; It incorporated heavy bass lines fused with guitar riffs creating a vibe that could have come off the tables of KRS-One. It’s hard-hitting, guttural, and masculine, and yet, there are no cuss words!? The Achozen project has been an active discussion on internet forums starting in 2008 when the group released its first song, “Deuces.” This LP has a number of artists jumping on to help produce and we’re glad to wrap this into the launch of the Boombot PRO.

The Boombot PRO features eight exclusive songs from the as yet unreleased Achozen LP. Described by Odadjian as an organic record developed from musicians “just mixing beats and crafting sounds,” the album features other top names such as George Clinton, and John Frusciante. This endeavor revives 90’s-era nostalgia for garage bands famously known for jamming through the night.

“It was really just two friends playing beats and trying to mix them together,” said Odadiian. “I didn’t want to be a Wu-Tang Affiliate, or a System Of A Down affiliate, I wanted this to be its own entity.”

The Boombot PRO is designed for those that demand the highest level of audio performance. Later this week we’ll get in deep detail about the design, but the basics are that the speaker incorporates pro-tuned acoustics, built-in flash storage, the rivaled Boombotix clip-on design and a waterproof hybrid construction that is capable of withstanding submersion up to three feet. Released with the PRO is the smaller version, the MINI, which boasts only five ounces of weight and sound that rivals all other speakers of equal size.

“We’re turning the table on how musicians and fans view music and creative input,” said RZA. “This project has been ready for a long time and releasing it with this new content strategy creates a special moment for the artist and brick and mortar retailers to drive excitement around music.”

Boombot PRO Achozen

Boombotix Partners with Grateful Dead for 50th Anniversary

Grateful Dead Speaker

We’re happy to announce the release of a limited edition Boombot REX for the final tour of the Grateful Dead. We’ve worked closely with Rhino Records/Grateful Dead team to craft this design to reflect the long standing legacy of this group.

With a big focus on content, we wanted to incorporate several tracks that capture the journey through their careers. Each limited edition Boombot REX will also come with a link to download three classic Grateful Dead songs: “Truckin’,” “Ripple” and “Touch of Grey.” David Lemieux, the band’s official archivist, chose these three songs because of their importance to the Grateful Dead’s career.

“’Touch of Grey,’ to many people [this] is the song that put the Grateful Dead on the map,” said Lemieux. “Debuted live in 1982, and released in 1987 on the hit album ‘In The Dark,’ ‘Touch Of Grey’ was a Top 10 single, growing the Dead’s audience by a huge amount virtually overnight. Many people felt it was the success of this song that brought the Dead from status of cult band to mainstream success.”

Two “Miracle Tickets” to the sold-out June 28th concert in Santa Clara, Calif. will be hidden in one customized red, white and blue Boombot REX featuring the famed “Steal Your Face” and original 50th anniversary artwork. The speaker with the “Miracle Tickets” is being sold through Target.com.

We developed the project in conjunction with Warner Bros. Music Group for licensing of the musical compilation embedded in the limited edition Boombot REX.

“This partnership furthers our goal to put music back into the consumer’s hands,” said Mustafa Shaikh, director of marketing for Boombotix. “With the recent announcement of Robert “RZA” Diggs as our head of product development, we expect further collaborations with music lovers just like this one.”

The Grateful Dead Boombot REX will be available exclusively at Target.com. See if you can be one of the few to score a “miracle” ticket.


Fast Company Article About RZA Joining Boombotix

RZA Joins Boombotix

The following article is a repost of an article from June 2nd from Fast Company. Here’s the link to the original article



It’s 10:30 p.m. when Mustafa Shaikh‘s phone rings. It’s RZA. It’s not every night that the founding leader of the Wu Tang Clan calls his cell, so he picks up. Shaikh, the VP of marketing at portable speaker company Boombotix, is in for an earful. “I got some ideas,” RZA says.

The timing isn’t always so odd, but these types of calls are routine now that RZA has joined Boombotix. Earlier this month, RZA officially signed on with the San Francisco-based startup, giving him an equity stake in the company and a hand in developing its line of rugged wireless speakers. As “chief abbott”—a corporate title that borrows from one of his many Wu-Tang nicknames and mashes it up with the cavalier semantics of Silicon Valley org charts—RZA is involved in product development and content strategy, among other things.

the Rza (Robert Fitzgerald Diggs)

 “I discovered their speaker through some mutual friends,” says RZA. “It was a loud box. It had a great sound to it. Having an innovative mind myself, I thought it could be more pragmatic not just as a speaker to play other music, but maybe there’s a way to put your music inside the speaker.”

After originally reaching out to RZA to license the group’s iconic “W” logo for a speaker, Shaikh and Boombotix CEO Lief Storer were surprised to learn that RZA had much bigger ideas. “I put the phone on mute and said, ‘Holy shit. Can we do that?'” Shaikh says. “After a couple of weeks, we figured out that we could do it and still release the product in Q4.”

The result was the Wu Tang Boombot REX, a Wu-branded Bluetooth speaker released by Boombotix last November. In addition to serving as a wireless, wearable speaker that connects with smart devices, this limited-edition speaker would come preloaded with tracks from the Wu-Tang Clan’s newest album, A Better Tomorrow, a few weeks before its official release date.

With physical album sales tanking and the uncertain economics of the all-you-can-stream music services, some artists feel compelled to experiment with new distribution models. Last year, Wu-Tang famously announced that its final album,Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, would only be available in one copy, which would be auctioned off for millions of dollars. With the old channels obliterated, why not experiment? Why not release an album embedded directly into a speaker? “I think that’s a great way to release music nowadays,” says RZA.

 The team at Boombotix agreed. After their Wu-Tang speaker started flying off the shelves of skate shops, T-shirt stores, and other retailers not traditionally associated with selling music, the one-off partnership with RZA started to morph into something more formal.

“We had this synergy,” RZA says. “After a few meetings and hangings and a few drinkings, it was like, yo, let’s get involved. Let me join your team so that I could join my ideas with it. We agreed and found that balance.”

With that, the Boombotix team worked out a deal with RZA, giving him a title and equity in the company. After months of negotiations, the deal was officially signed in early 2015 and sent to the company’s board for eventual approval. By then, the late-night brainstorming phone calls from RZA were already underway.

“I’m glad we got that communication,” says RZA. “It’s like, shit, I gotta get this to you right now. He always takes my call.”

Celebrity partnerships with consumer audio electronics companies have been all the rage since Beats teamed up with Dr. Dre almost 10 years ago. And since Beats cashed out with Apple for $3 billion in 2014, the phone calls from artist reps to companies like Boombotix have only increased. But most of these offers come in the form of deals that slap an artist’s name onto a product, perhaps going as far as to hire them them as “brand ambassadors” whose chief responsibility is simply using the product publicly.

As chief abbott of Boombotix, RZA’s role is a bit more hands-on than partnerships like Bang & Olufsen’s headphones cobranding deal with DJ Khaled or Ludacris’s now-defunct branding partnership with Soul Electronics (Ludacris’s reps reportedly reached out to Boombotix about striking a similar deal).

As the creative mastermind and producer behind one of the most successful groups in hip-hop history, RZA is no stranger to gadgets, which he says have a way of piling up in his house. “When it comes down to it, he’s a pretty big tech geek,” says Shaikh.

Mustafa Shaikh

 “Being a guy that’s into electronics, I felt like I found a group of people that I could feel free to express my ideas,” says RZA. “Electronic innovations. Making one thing do other things. Adding functionality. I’m happy to be with a company that lets me spitball ideas. Sometimes they go, ‘Well that’s kinda crazy, but we could try it.'”

The success of the Wu Tang speaker has led RZA and the Boombotix team to explore other exclusive, speaker-embedded music releases. A Grateful Dead-branded speaker loaded with unreleased music will go on sale in mid-June. In the fall, Boombotix will release a speaker bearing the likeness and sounds of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, the late Wu Tang Clan member who was also RZA’s cousin. Another upcoming product, about which the Boombotix team is tight-lipped, involves a long-rumored musical collaboration between RZA and another artist.

“For true fans, this is exclusive,” RZA says. “It’s something you can hold, feel, touch, and put in your pocket.”

The focus on exclusive music content isn’t unique to Boombotix. This is increasingly how music-focused companies are competing with one another, especially in the streaming space. After Taylor Swift threw down the gauntlet by removing her catalog from Spotify, we’ve seen Jay Z try to lure listeners to his new streaming service, Tidal, using exclusive tracks from popular artists as bait. Apple is reportedly angling for a similar strategy as it prepares to relaunch Beats Music under the venerable iTunes brand.

While Boombotix doesn’t see its model as being as transformative as streaming, the company does want to offer artists supplementary ways to release, market, and profit from their music. These partnerships, which Shaikh tells me are negotiated on a per-artist basis, are just one additional revenue source an artist can tack onto its balance sheet in the era of streaming and its tricky economics.

In addition to helping forge artist partnerships—something RZA’s industry connections leave him well-positioned to do—he is also involved in product development, a role that lets his gadget geek side shine. In their weekly calls, RZA often proposes ideas that would bring new functionality to the company’s products. (Some are better received than others.)

At one point, RZA proposed having a speaker double as a tape measure, giving it a dual utility for construction workers. “It’s like MacGyver,” says RZA. “Now imagine, all of the sudden, the people who work in that industry have something that’s cool, usable, and multifunctional. I don’t think they’re gonna do that, but maybe, yo! Put an 8-footer in there!”

With ideas like this, RZA is aiming to extend the personalization of Boombotix with which it’s already experimenting. On the company’s Build-a-Bot site, users can custom-design their own speakers with unique color schemes, and even print their own imagery on the front grille.

More than slapping a celebrity’s name on a product, the Boombotix partnership with RZA is a long-term, hands-on deal. For RZA, it’s an additional creative outlet, and one that lets him tap into the entrepreneurial instinct he’s had his whole life. As a kid, RZA tells me, he sold newspapers on the Verrazano Bridge and bought socks in bulk to sell them at a profit in Harlem. At the age of 13, RZA teamed up with Ol’ Dirty Bastard to operate a fruit stand in downtown Brooklyn.

“I’m from New York, and in tough times, you gotta go out there and work,” RZA says. “We was in downtown Brooklyn at Jay Street. We would get up at six in the morning and set up the fruit stand. I think I made profit of about $80 a week. That allowed me to get a pair of sneakers that my mom couldn’t afford, or get a pair of Lee jeans.”

Since forming the 10-piece Wu Tang Clan in 1992, RZA and his associates have turned one of the most successful hip-hop groups in history into a small business empire, syndicating its music and members’ likenesses into video games and making millions from the sale of its Wu Wear line of clothing.

“I’m not afraid to try a business,” RZA says. “You want Wu Donuts? How much? All right, let’s try it. But let’s change the glaze on that shit.”

[Photos: Celine Grouard for Fast Company, unless otherwise noted]

Build-a-Bot Customizer Launches


For the past year we’ve been making custom speakers for our athletes, artists and a number of customers doing private labeling. Mass customization has become something that consumers have come to expect these days. Even Pizza Hut recently launched a new pizza builder as part of their rebrand efforts. Build-a-Bot is a new site we’ve developed to allow anyone to build their own custom speaker with several clicks from anywhere. Build-a-Bot works on desktop or any mobile device. You can snap a photo or upload your own artwork and have your own speaker delivered in hands in under a week.

The screenshot below shows the desktop version. You can click the bubble on each part of the speaker. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s fun.


This design uses some artwork from LA based graffiti artist, SketONE.


about the project

The Boombot REX was customizable by design, but without this technology, we had to manually set up each graphic file. What used to take us over an hour is now fully automated for 90% of the process. There is of course some manual product assembly we still do to build each unit, but we think the system we’ve invested in here will allow us to scale our custom product operation. We’re not the only ones doing custom speakers. Jawbone has had the Jambox customizer for some time now, but their site doesn’t have full color printing and promises a 1-2 week lead time. With our technology, we’ve managed to slim lead times down to less than 5 days with full color printing and much more customization. It’s a culmination of hardware design and intelligent back end logistics that makes this all possible.

We’ve developed some proprietary technology for printing and coating as well. We’ve tried a number of print methods before landing on one that uses an evaporative heat transfer process that produces a product with rich color, great detail, and outstanding durability. Anyhow, we’re pretty excited about the new site and we’re definitely curious to see what you guys come up with. Get your design on.