Boombotix Teams Up with Benny Gold on Build A Bot

Back in November, we announced the launch of our Build-A-Bot customizer tool which allows users to create a unique Boombot REX by mix-and-matching the speaker’s grills, bezel, clip and body color. Additionally, Build-A-Bot users are able to upload pictures directly from their smartphones and print it on a Boombot REX’s grill.

Now, we are stoked to announce that we have teamed up with San Francisco based designer, Benny Gold, to bring an even more personal, ultraportable music experience. Benny has taken his brand from a simple sticker to now being one of the most celebrated street-wear companies of our generation. Having recent collaborations with JanSport, Zumiez and The Hundreds; we are excited to be partnered with The Gold Family.

You can now choose from three limited edition “Stay Gold” designs by visiting

We are also running a really cool promotion to win a FREE “Stay Gold” branded Boombot. Along with the speaker, we are giving away 2 Hats, 2 beanies, 2 shirts and 2 pairs of socks. Enter your email here for a chance to win. – Good luck!

Top 10 Craziest Halloween Collection

Pumkin Speaker

While this Boombot portable speaker is not in production, you can add a soundtrack to your Halloween Trick-or-Treat escapade with one of these speakers.

Halloween is easily the craziest holiday in the world. This is a time where we set aside our inhibitions and live out all of our own sick little fantasies under the guise of a costume. Needless to say, things get weird. We’ve compiled a list of the craziest things we’ve seen on the interwebz for your own enjoyment. Perhaps you are still looking for a good halloween costume? This might be a good place to get inspired on what to wear for Halloween. Every night of mischief has a soundtrack.

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FABULOUS Gay Pride Weekend in SF


Mr. Garrison proudly rocking his Boombot speaker en route to Pride Festival



Gay marriage has been all over the media this week as the Supreme Court ruled DOMA to be unconstitutional. A number of states still have bans on gay marriage, but this ruling is a major breakthrough in gay rights. This Sunday he PRIDE parade will be taking place in downtown San Francisco starting from Market & Beale and ending on the Civic Center. I will tell you from first hand experience, people get downright liberated on a whole new level here.

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Official Rules of Bay to Breakers 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- Bay to Breakers kicks off Sunday May 19th from 7am-12ish.  Everyone from serious athletes to intoxicated idiots will be making their way across this 7.46 mile race course through SF.  There are a lot of people that don’t race (in fact most people walk in a goofy costume).  San Francisco is historically one of the most liberal cities when it comes to partying, but there are a couple of rules worth noting to keep you out of the drunk tank.  For your convenience, we’ve inserted some minor modifications to the Official Rules of Bay to Breakers to ensure you have a good time.


Photo Credit: Steph38

  1. Alcohol is Not Permitted to be transported in the original container.  Be sure to transfer all of your laced fluids into a sport bottle or health beverage.  We all need to stay hydrated.  If you’re caught with an open container, you CAN get a ticket, but most of the friendly law enforcement grabs your beverage and pours it out in front of you. #RELOAD
  2. Floats are Not Permitted to have wheels.  If you have a party monstrosity to move through the event, make sure it does not need to roll.  Chinese dragons or cardboard box cars are good examples of non-rolling floats.
  3. Nudity is Acceptable before noon.  Once it gets later in the day, you go from being a weirdo to a complete creeper.
  4. Keeping up to Race Pace can be grueling.  It is easy to get carried away with day drinking.  We suggest using diluted beverages like mimosas to start.  Follow that with an irish coffee and then work your way into mixed liquor drinks.  Keep a balance of sugar and alcohol so that you can offset any effects that could slow you down from WINNING.
  5. Bring Portable Audio of some sort.  There is no better time to dust off the Boombox and blast your hot tracks all day.  Don’t wanna lug around a huge box and spend a wad on some single-use batteries?  Swoop up a Boombot Ultraportable Speaker with a built-on clip.  You can stick with the race-pace and let the guy ahead of you know you’re coming up FAST!  Let them know you mean business with tunes like “Eye of the Tiger” and “I Believe I can Fly.”  Boombots are the best portable speakers for raging while running.  Period.  (use discount code BoomB2B2013 for 10% OFF)

    Boombot2 Wearable Wireless Speaker (left) and Mr. Pickles Station7 Sandwich (right)

    Boombot2 Wearable Wireless Speaker (left) and Mr. Pickles Station7 Sandwich on Dutch Crunch with Everything (right)

  6. Build up a good nutrition base.  Nothing gets you more faded to a bad extent than dehydration and copious amounts of booze on an empty stomach.  Start off with a solid base like this Mr. Pickles Sandwich and try not to go to barf land because these sandwiches are too delicious to let go of.
  7. If you are caught by the cops, you might as well make a run for it.  After all, this is a race.  You will likely be in a sea of people.  If you’re in half-decent shape, you can probably outrun the 5-0.  You already go busted doing whatever you were doing and the consequences are the same regardless.  At least try to avoid the drunk tank.  Nothing ruins your day like the drunk tank.  Do not go there.
  8. Do not moon the local law enforcement.  They don’t wanna see your hair crack in addition to all the other naked dudes around.  This kind of behavior can land you in the drunk tank quickly.
Jason Clary tells cops to Kiss his Ass at Bay to Breakers 2012

Jason Clary tells cops to Kiss his Ass at Bay to Breakers 2012

When all is said and done, you should look something like this:

Bay to Breakers

We are doing everything in our power to make sure we can get the new Boombot REX speakers here before the big race.  After the flight certification docs, it looks like we will be able to make the date for sure so stay in touch.  If they come in time, we will certainly have them available direct for pick-up at our studio pre-race.

bay to breakers block party


We are having a block party so get out here.

where is the bay to Breakers race in sf

  • Hyatt Regency San Francisco Corral A – Estimated finishing time: under 59:00 minutes (8-minute mile)
  • Volkswagen Corral B – Estimated finishing time: under 1:15:00 minutes (10-minute mile)
  • Crunchies Food Company Corral C – Estimated finishing time: under 1:30:00 minutes (12-minute mile)
  • Dos Equis Corral D – Estimated finishing time: under 2:00:00 minutes (walk/run 16-minute mile)
  • LinkedIn Corral E – Estimated finishing time: over 2 hours (walk/run)

a taste of our Bay to Breakers experience from 2011