Shit Stoners Say 4-20 EXCLUSIVE

Featured Boombot2 LTD

Featured Boombot2 LTD

420 is coming up this weekend.  We started rambling  in the van on the way to the Sea Otter Classic and came up with some SHIT STONERS SAY. For those of you that don’t know, 4-20 is a national holiday for stoners, potheads, burners and even for those that just enjoy an occasional puff-puff pass in the park.  Please comment and feel free to add to the list…and pass to the left.

  1. Dude, can we make this into a bong? 
  2. Does anyone have Clear Eyes?
  3. Oh my god I’m sooooooo baked right now.
  4. Have you ever  ____________  (verb) while you’re high?
  5. Dude, have you seen my _____________(noun)?  I’ve been missing it for weeks!!!
  6. Isn’t the world so amazing?  It’s like toooootally small compared to the Universe, but the World is soooooo BIG.   So like, what IS big?  (followed by more profound existential statements)
  7. Do you have any papers?
  9. Should I get the Cheetos?  Or the Nachos?  Cheetos?  Or Nachos?  Fritos?  Peanuts?  Candy?  Fuck it…. all of it.  NOM NOM NOM.
  10. What if you could ________________________ (activity, invention, profound business idea)?  Wouldn’t that be sick?  I’d DO that.  Totally would.

We hope you enjoyed todays mental exercise.  If you are going out to enjoy your 4-20, be sure to bring some tunes and share the good vibrations across your blanket with your sensual reggae collection and a Boombot Ultraportable Speaker.  Do something fresh.  Get artsy.  Explore culinary arts.  Go on a hike and get in touch with nature.


Boombot REX OFFICIAL Launch Party at Dijital Fix

After eighteen months of development, Boombotix is proud to announce the official launch of the Boombot REX.  It only makes sense that we are launching the best wireless speaker in the game at the coolest audio store in San Francisco: Dijital Fix.

The event will take place on Friday June 7th @ 7pm.  If you have a Boombot REX, bring it along and trick it out at our customization station.  If not, just come and check out this really cool store and enjoy the FREE refreshments.  OF COURSE we will have a live DJ to make this the premier happy hour of the summer.

Boombot REX Launch Party

Unique Graduation Gift Under One Hundred Dollars

Graduation Gifts Under $100

ideas to keep the EXTRACURRICULAR inspiration going strong

It is just about that time in the year for students to put on that cap and gown and strut their way to victory.  This is the point where they expect you to bring them the most unique graduation gift in the world.  If your kid is graduating college, nothing says, “get out of the house and get a job,” politely quite like a Boombot Bluetooth ultraportable speaker.  If your kid is just finishing up high school, then they are ideally going to be planning a summer of care free partying followed up by moving into their dorm at the end of summer.  Again, a Boombot can provide the ultimate music companion for these traumatic transitional periods.

why boombot portable speakers are built for college

Boombot speakers were designed for college by students that lived to party while miraculously passing through engineering and business school.  Our crew went to UC Davis, Berkeley, Loyola Marymount, and Chico, so we are no strangers to the grueling challenge of college party lifestyle.  Often times we would be hopping form one party to another on our bikes or skateboards.  It was this void of music during the relocation to the next venue that we hoped to fill.  That’s where Boombots are a savior and they are priced in a way that doesn’t make you fear the consequences of party liability.  To cap it off, we have a really generous warranty policy.  When your gift recipient is raging their face off, don’t you want them to think of you?

Best Graduation Gift

Purplexed Purple Boombot2 rages Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco

Boombots are also insanely easy to operate rendering them nearly idiot proof.  Even the less tech savvy smartphone users can get on this wave.  Bluetooth has really become the standard wireless protocol for streaming music, so most people have already had some experience with it.

Over 92% of kids now carry around some sort of digital music device, so the likelihood your recipient will have some ACTUAL utility for a great sounding portable speaker is a pretty safe bet.  Speaking of bets, no need to break the bank for a Boombot speaker.  The Boombot1 line starts at just $29, which is less than what many college students spend on beer in a week.   The Boombot2 line starts at $69.99, which includes wireless Bluetooth technology.  If your recipient needs the absolute BEST and you can afford to wait till June 1st, get yourself on a pre-order for the Boombot REX and never look back.  Check out the full Boombotix Store for the full selection or visit any of our retailers nearby.  Use code: gradgift to get 15% off.  

If there is one thing that remains consistent, students LOVE their music and they are always on the move; This is why Boombots are the best unique graduation gift under one-hundred dollars.