Gas-powered surfboard can hit 35MPH without catching a single wave

Awesome contraption for those who don’t have access to the ocean

Got the surfer’s urge but the ocean’s too far of a drive? You might want to check out the JetSurf board then: a gas-powered surfboard that lets you hang ten on any body of water you want!

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Longboard stroller allows hipster parents to take kids along for ride

Ingenious idea is actually pretty safe

It’s officially summertime, also known as longboard season.


From California’s boardwalks to the streets of New York City, the horizontally-stretched skateboard has become a bit of pop culture icon in recent years, especially among young people. But what of the settled-down adults out there who are still young at heart? They’re forced to stand aside, holding their children’s hands, and admire the freedom with which today’s youngsters get to enjoy cruising around on a four-wheeled surfboard.


Fortunately, stroller and buggies manufacturer Quinny recognized this hipster hardship and decided to do something about it, developing the Longboardstroller for today’s parent who wants to share the longboarding experience with their young child.


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My Solo Mission to Hawaii

Portable Speaker for Beach

This past weekend I was invited on an all expense paid trip to Hawaii. Despite being in the middle of some heavy lifting CEO nonsense, it just seemed right to make the trip after we had our Boombot REX Launch Party. Besides, we have interwebz everywhere so it island fever wasn’t necessarily a productivity hindrance. After all, if I didn’t take photos of Boombots on tropical beaches, who would?  Continue reading

Just in time for summer, skateboard that converts into surfboard in seconds

New Kickstarter project is genius idea for beach bound boarders everywhere

How could you not love an awesome idea like this? Called the “Waveskate”, this skateboard is totally amphibious, as it can convert to a surfboard in a matter of seconds.


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