How to Use the Boombotix SYNC App

If you are looking to set up a mobile surround sound system, the Boombotix app is amongst the first that enables you to set up a streaming audio network over wireless 4G/LTE networks. All you need are several friends with iOS devices and you can set up the most mobile surround sound system ever conceived.

This article covers some of the basic functionality of the Boombotix SYNC app. As we incorporate new features into the app or refine existing ones, we will keep this article updated to reflect the most recent product state. Let us know if you have any questions.

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Behind the Design: Finding Ultraportable

Crafting the size and shape of the Boombot REX required a direct focus on the end user, and the true meaning of the product to these users. In design, this is paramount, to build the feature set into your product your beachhead market will value the most, and focus mainly on those few items. Luckily, in the design of the Boombot REX, our founding team is ideal representatives of this beachhead market, as we all share the traits of our desired end user. Our active, outdoor roots led to the inception of this company, so designing for this active, transient, outdoor persona was natural and accessible. An essential element of human centered design is to know exactly who your ideal end user is, and it makes a huge difference to be the designer and also the intended end user of the product.

The most important design element to our speakers are their size, mainly how they fit and feel in ones hand. We call this size ultraportable, for our meticulous efforts go beyond where any portable speaker on the market go. In the preliminary design process, we were very focused on the shape of the speaker. In a competitive landscape already saturated by bricks (in 2011), an(other) ultraportable brick or klondike bar would not be right for our progressive brand. After landing on the final, irregular dodecagon Boombot REX shape, consisting of a dual-axis chamfered hexagonal prism, we hit print. Here’s what we ended up with:



The very first Boombot REX prototype.


Side of the prototype circa December 2011 (known as the Hex at this point)

Now, at first glance, these photos look like the Boombot REX you see today. Aside from the brushed grill covering the entire front of the speaker (now an ABS/brushed combination), and a single, 75mm driver (now dual 36mm drivers), the overall shape is the same. The size, however, is not.

When this speaker was set down on the table, it looked like it was meant to stay there, in a stationary state. This object did not invite people to pick it up and put it in their hand, rather, it invited people to admire the object without touching it. While it was aesthetically pleasing, it was a stationary object intrinsically- dictated primarily by its 4-inch by 4-inch size. This is where we pivoted in the design, and went back to our ultraportable roots.

The original Skullyboom speaker (Boombot1 for the new wave folks) had a size that fit in ones hand phenomenally. This palmable size, paired with it’s non radial curves, made for a great experience with the speaker in hand. People would literally see these and the next second, whether consciously or unconsciously, the would be holding it in their hand. This state was the goal of redesigning the Boombot REX, as to attract people to see AND hold it.

Armed with only a block of modeling clay, I set out to meticulously carve this chunk of clay into the exact size needed to achieve this goal. Without worrying about what size PC board or how large the battery needed to be, I created a clay mockup at the exact size we needed. Not only does this size invite people to grab the object, but once it is in hand, to be delighted by the feel of it. After days of adding and shaving clay to find the ideal size, I arrived at the 85*80*40mm shape we now have shipped over 10K Boombot REX speakers of. At this point, we marked the foundation of our product, and went back to the drawing board to fit all of the internal components inside of the speaker in harmony.

Customizable from the start.

Customizable from the beginning.

By designing for ultraportable first, ultimately designing the most important feature our end users desire, the Boombot REX came to life. The delight one gets from picking up this speaker and holding it in one hand is paralleled to none, other than holding a beating heart (KALI-MA!). This size became the first design constraint, with every other feature secondary. Moving forward, we packed as much audio firepower inside the speaker as possible, knowing that whatever we did, the speaker would still have it’s ultraportable DNA.


Next week, I’ll be discussing the firmware design of the speaker, from button commands to why the LED turns green when you connect a male to the female line-in port…

Register Your Boombot to make Warranty Service Simple


It’s crazy to think that Boombotix has now been shipping product for three years now. Since we started, we have always protected and serviced our customers with our 1-Year No Matter What Warranty program. We are dedicated to enabling our customers with the ability to be adventurous with our product. For this reason, we have built a Warranty Registration page on our site so that when you purchase your Boombot, you can go online to register your unit. Your info will be safely stored in our database and if anything happens to your Boombot, you will be covered with no questions asked. Find out how to register your Boombot for warranty here.

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More things to do with a Boombot Portable Speaker- Soundbomb

Whooppee Cushion

Remember the good ol’ Whoopee Cushion? I mean they were funny, but it was near impossible to get someone to sit down on a BRIGHT PINK pillow. C’mon. Fortunately in the 21st century, mobile wireless technology and nanoacoustics has enables us to take pranks to new levels.

Last year we put out some instructions on doing a gift prank with your Boombot wireless speakers in a box. We originally came up with the idea when we attempted to disrupt a Berkeley lecture with fart noises. We hid a Boombot speaker in a Chinese food box stashed below a student’s seat. This is our way of reversing aging; Resist maturity with every ounce of strength you have. A Soundbomb is a prank where you place an unsuspecting audio clip around your victims. It can be anything from farts to audio clips from filthy porn. What makes the Boombot wireless speakers so awesome for these pranks is that they are easily concealed and capable of throwing noises over a significant distance.

Nick and I took the Bart over to the San Francisco center. We made some practice runs at the Civic Center station. Nick wore headphones and dove into a local Spanish newspaper to ensure that he could carry on a character that was fully oblivious. I filmed with an iPhone and manipulated audio from a distance. All this was made possible by the god gift of Bluetooth wireless technology streaming high fidelity farts and moans.

At first, it was hard to get good camera angles. I was trying to pretend like I was gaming on my phone, but I had to hold the phone at an unnatural angle (and resist the temptation to burst in laughter) . Eventually, I just started filming and I left my phone out in a place where it had a good angle. I moved about 20 feet away and was able to still control live sound without looking suspicious. We had geysers nearly shitting their pants in no time. Geysers are especially vulnerable because many are not familiar with the technology we were deploying into battle.

Don’t expect to be the last time we pull some shenanigans like this. There are a number of other great pranks to be had from creepy voices to animal sounds. These are cheap thrills that make the ownership of the world’s most ultraportable wireless speaker a true honor. Kids, take notes:

Fan wows staff with amazing pair of custom-made Boombotix headphones

Kid maximizes style and functionality


We’re a hard bunch to impress, which is what makes this post so dang impressive. We run this side program called “Swaganomics”, an Instagram-based platform that allows fans of the Boombotix brand to show off their Ultraportable Speakers being used in their everyday life. Those who post are rewarded points based on likes and comments, and those points can then be used towards Boombotix Swag and free products, including a free Boombot 1 and Boombot 2.

A lot of the photos posted are good, really good as a matter of fact. Some are funny, others are creative.




But then we have this photo sent in from user shafariduwan which is funny, creative, functional, all in one.

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