Squashing the Bugs Out of SYNC


This past week we have been busy stomping out a number of bugs within the Boombotix SYNC app. With the project now at 80% funding, we’re all feeling pretty good about the progress. Several backers have been asking about limited edition Boombots as backer rewards. I wanted to just clarify that as a backer, you can pick from any style within a specific model you’d like (ex. You backed for $100 Boombot REX, you can order a Woodgrain edition Boombot).

I wanted to share our workflow with you all so that those of you interested in developing apps could use similar tools to ensure that you can build the best app possible. If you are not a developer, then this is likely the side of the project that is going to be most important to managing your product. Using a project management web app will be your best methodology for communicating with your development team.

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Best apps for listening to online radio

There are a ton of online radio stations out there – here’s the best of the rest

Do a quick google search of the keyword term “online radio” and in about a half second’s time, you’ll get 836,000,000 results.


The reason there’s so much out there is because of the proliferation of web-capable gadgetry in recent years that allow listeners to stream music wherever they are. Whether it’s a talk show or podcast, live stream of a sporting event or a station devoted to a specific musical genre, there’s an online radio station that suits your need.

The following are a handful of what we consider the best of the rest, and what makes them different from all the others.

They’re listed in no particular order.

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Boombotix App Passes $10k Mark on Kickstarter

It’s been just one week into our campaign and we are stoked to see that we’re more than two thirds into our goal. We got picked up by TechCrunch and MacRumors, which certainly helped get some early momentum. Thanks to Wade Roush at XConomy for working with me on doing an interview.  We’re also really stoked to see our loyal fans taking care of the Holiday shopping with the Boombots through the campaign.

better app demo

Some people were a little bit confused by Chris and I getting our groove on from the mountain in our previous app demo so we put together this piece that more clearly demonstrates using this app with two devices and Bluetooth speakers.

the battle ahead

On the app development, Chinmay is working on making the whole Soundcloud library browsable within the app. Right now you can link your Soundcloud account and pull off your own playlists, but we’d like to allow users to search the full Soundcloud ecosystem within the app. This would wrap up our Soundcloud integration and we can then move to Spotify.  We’ve had tons of inquiries on our Android development, but we really just want to make sure we can nail the iOS version of SYNC first.

There is still a pretty long grind to get this project past the funding milestone, but we’re confident we can make it happen. We added a pretty cool backer rewards including prototypes of the new lunchbox sized Thumper Mini PA. We’re hoping we can pick up a couple more press wins to drive some more traffic to the campaign. Nick is working on a short format trailer style piece to get out to some of the press that was interested. Gaining the attention of the press has always been vital to the success of these crowdfunding campaigns. Word of advice would be to really make sure you have phenomenal content to send your press outlets. You only get one shot.

Mini PA system

Music group to release new song only to fans able to track down right constellation

Pretty cool idea sure to be popular with star gazers

Pretty cool concept from the electronic group, Metronomy. They’re going to release their latest song, “I’m Aquarius” exclusively to fans able to capture the – appropriately enough – Aquarius constellation on their phones.


The UK-based group worked with the Night Sky team to develop this app, and it’s available for both iTunes and Android users.

The way it works is like this – on Monday, November 11 at 7pm, everyone who downloaded the Night Sky app (which is a pretty broad bunch as the program is easily the most popular star gazing app on the market today) will receive an update notification at the same time. Once the update’s been installed, users can point their devices skyward to locate the constellation.


Once properly identified, they’ll be given instant access to Metronomy’s new song.

Pretty cool, right? In a geeky way, of course.

Never heard of Metronomy? Check out this single below, “The Look”, which at 10 million views is one of their more popular songs, to see if you’re interested in hearing their new track this Monday.

Also, did you know that your favorite Bluetooth speaker maker has an app of its own?

Damn skippy we do!

It’s awesome because it basically allows you to use all of your and your friends’ portable speakers to set up a surround sound system wherever you are.

It’s the first app able to do this and if you want to learn more, check out this super-informative how-to-use-it article written by company CEO Lief Storer.