5 reasons why you should use our speakers to help your baby sleep

Our portable speakers provide white noise on the go

A crying infant is enough to leave a grown adult in tears.

One of the tried and true methods to calming the little one’s cries is putting on some white noise in the background. The steady stream of sound has proven, nine times out of ten, to distract the toddler from whatever’s bothering them, and soothes their minds into a restful state of baby bliss.

The problem with this solution in the past is lugging around that source of white noise. Carrying a fan around is a bit ungainly. A tape or CD of waves lapping against the beach will only last you so long. Plus, you need some way of playing this white noise out loud and in the open for the baby to hear because, as Jay-Z has shown us, putting a pair of headphones on a child is not the easiest task.

Nowadays, getting white noise to the baby’s ears for the purpose of lulling them to sleep is a bit easier, and a good example of technology that can do this is our expansive line of portable speakers:

1. Our speakers are easily portable and can provide white noise on the go (literally).
At 96mm (w) x 92mm (h) x 54mm (d), you could throw it any pocket or bag and not even know it was there.

Better yet – if say, you’re carrying your child around in a Baby Bjorn or other infant carrier, you can clip the speaker to the piece itself, to provide the baby with a more intimate source of white noise.

2. You can control what’s playing from 30 feet away.
Choose one of our Bluetooth models and you don’t even need to be in the room with the child to control what they’re listening to. Our speakers have a range of approximately 30 feet, giving you the freedom to relax in the other room while monitoring what your child is falling asleep to from your smartphone or tablet.

3. Our speakers last for a long, long time.
Let’s say that, at first, your child really doesn’t take to our speaker in their room and decides to fling the thing against the wall or drop it down the stairs. No worries — the speakers have been drop tested and are rated among the more durable on the market.

What’s more, they also feature a ridiculously long-lasting battery life that allows them to play continuously for anywhere between six and eight hours.

4. Great sound.
While some people find static to be a comforting sort of white noise, most people don’t, and I would venture to guess that a majority of children are not fans either. That said, you want a speaker that gives you the true sound of birds chirping in the wilderness, waves lapping against the sand, and more. You’ll get that with our speaker — but don’t take our word on it. Check out the reviews for yourself.

5. They’re super cheap.
There are dozens to choose from, ranging in price from $29.99 to $129.99, making the Boombotix brand among the more affordable names on the market.

Interested in learning more? Check out our full line of portable speakers and find the right style for your child.

White Noise for Babies

Behind the Design: Finding Ultraportable

Crafting the size and shape of the Boombot REX required a direct focus on the end user, and the true meaning of the product to these users. In design, this is paramount, to build the feature set into your product your beachhead market will value the most, and focus mainly on those few items. Luckily, in the design of the Boombot REX, our founding team is ideal representatives of this beachhead market, as we all share the traits of our desired end user. Our active, outdoor roots led to the inception of this company, so designing for this active, transient, outdoor persona was natural and accessible. An essential element of human centered design is to know exactly who your ideal end user is, and it makes a huge difference to be the designer and also the intended end user of the product.

The most important design element to our speakers are their size, mainly how they fit and feel in ones hand. We call this size ultraportable, for our meticulous efforts go beyond where any portable speaker on the market go. In the preliminary design process, we were very focused on the shape of the speaker. In a competitive landscape already saturated by bricks (in 2011), an(other) ultraportable brick or klondike bar would not be right for our progressive brand. After landing on the final, irregular dodecagon Boombot REX shape, consisting of a dual-axis chamfered hexagonal prism, we hit print. Here’s what we ended up with:



The very first Boombot REX prototype.


Side of the prototype circa December 2011 (known as the Hex at this point)

Now, at first glance, these photos look like the Boombot REX you see today. Aside from the brushed grill covering the entire front of the speaker (now an ABS/brushed combination), and a single, 75mm driver (now dual 36mm drivers), the overall shape is the same. The size, however, is not.

When this speaker was set down on the table, it looked like it was meant to stay there, in a stationary state. This object did not invite people to pick it up and put it in their hand, rather, it invited people to admire the object without touching it. While it was aesthetically pleasing, it was a stationary object intrinsically- dictated primarily by its 4-inch by 4-inch size. This is where we pivoted in the design, and went back to our ultraportable roots.

The original Skullyboom speaker (Boombot1 for the new wave folks) had a size that fit in ones hand phenomenally. This palmable size, paired with it’s non radial curves, made for a great experience with the speaker in hand. People would literally see these and the next second, whether consciously or unconsciously, the would be holding it in their hand. This state was the goal of redesigning the Boombot REX, as to attract people to see AND hold it.

Armed with only a block of modeling clay, I set out to meticulously carve this chunk of clay into the exact size needed to achieve this goal. Without worrying about what size PC board or how large the battery needed to be, I created a clay mockup at the exact size we needed. Not only does this size invite people to grab the object, but once it is in hand, to be delighted by the feel of it. After days of adding and shaving clay to find the ideal size, I arrived at the 85*80*40mm shape we now have shipped over 10K Boombot REX speakers of. At this point, we marked the foundation of our product, and went back to the drawing board to fit all of the internal components inside of the speaker in harmony.

Customizable from the start.

Customizable from the beginning.

By designing for ultraportable first, ultimately designing the most important feature our end users desire, the Boombot REX came to life. The delight one gets from picking up this speaker and holding it in one hand is paralleled to none, other than holding a beating heart (KALI-MA!). This size became the first design constraint, with every other feature secondary. Moving forward, we packed as much audio firepower inside the speaker as possible, knowing that whatever we did, the speaker would still have it’s ultraportable DNA.


Next week, I’ll be discussing the firmware design of the speaker, from button commands to why the LED turns green when you connect a male to the female line-in port…

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Here’s what we found:

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Admiral Scott Sanders Reviews the Boombot REX

Admiral Sanders is officially the first person in the world to own the Boombot REX.  A couple weeks ago we had a contest to determine who the would get this exclusive opportunity.  Scott Sanders was injured in combat and found that the Boombot REX was the best portable speaker for him to tune in while he works on hand drawn mazes and intermediate photography.  Apparently Scott has a wide taste of music too.  Watch his video review.  This reaffirms the Boombot REX as being military grade legit!  Thanks for posting this Scott!