Build-a-Bot Customizer Launches


For the past year we’ve been making custom speakers for our athletes, artists and a number of customers doing private labeling. Mass customization has become something that consumers have come to expect these days. Even Pizza Hut recently launched a new pizza builder as part of their rebrand efforts. Build-a-Bot is a new site we’ve developed to allow anyone to build their own custom speaker with several clicks from anywhere. Build-a-Bot works on desktop or any mobile device. You can snap a photo or upload your own artwork and have your own speaker delivered in hands in under a week.

The screenshot below shows the desktop version. You can click the bubble on each part of the speaker. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s fun.


This design uses some artwork from LA based graffiti artist, SketONE.


about the project

The Boombot REX was customizable by design, but without this technology, we had to manually set up each graphic file. What used to take us over an hour is now fully automated for 90% of the process. There is of course some manual product assembly we still do to build each unit, but we think the system we’ve invested in here will allow us to scale our custom product operation. We’re not the only ones doing custom speakers. Jawbone has had the Jambox customizer for some time now, but their site doesn’t have full color printing and promises a 1-2 week lead time. With our technology, we’ve managed to slim lead times down to less than 5 days with full color printing and much more customization. It’s a culmination of hardware design and intelligent back end logistics that makes this all possible.

We’ve developed some proprietary technology for printing and coating as well. We’ve tried a number of print methods before landing on one that uses an evaporative heat transfer process that produces a product with rich color, great detail, and outstanding durability. Anyhow, we’re pretty excited about the new site and we’re definitely curious to see what you guys come up with. Get your design on.

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Mixtape lets you enjoy your music and smoke it too

DJ collaboration takes unique approach to pushing latest album

In the world of marketing, timing is everything. And for Chicago-based DJ collaboration Flosstradamus, their marketing stunt is right on queue.


The group has just released their latest mixtape, called B⚠NNED 3D, and while there is plenty of high-quality trap-and-bass songs on the album, what makes it particularly noteworthy is the fact that the mixtape itself is a cross between a hard drive and a portable vaporizer.


That is, the album is a 4GB hard drive that lets listeners store additional songs to it, and it’s also a vaporizer that encourages the user to listen to the music while taking in various “aromatherapy herbs” or marijuana oils, now legal in the great state of Colorado.


From the group’s website:

B⚠NNED 3D goes in swinging straight haymakers towards your eardrums as tracks from LOUDPVCK, RL Grime B2B Baauer, Mr Carmack, and Riff Raff are mixed in with unreleased Flosstradamus collaborations with Waka Flocka and DJ Snake respectively. The mixtape comes via a signature “Aromatherapy Herbs” approved vaporizer we picked up from Flosstradamus at their sold out IRL show in Chicago. The vaporizer also doubles as a convenient 4 GB hard drive to take file and dab sharing on the go.

Like what they’re doing here and want to see if the music is worth a try? (Fans and critics alike are praising the album). Take a listen for yourself here.

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