12th Planet Documentary Goes HARD!!

Hello music fans, ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite dubstep artists- beyond just what they tweet about? Well our girl Mollie Tarlow and Adam Leao spent the last year, cameras in hand, following the likes of 12th Planet and friends in an epic world quest of dubstep. We cant f@#king wait to see the whole movie, and trust me, you do too. Watch these guys EXPLODE onto the scene. The 12th Planet set at Coache11a was off the charts. Check the trailer. Movie dropping soon.


Snack Attack!

Snack Attack!


Whew! Coming straight out of LA, 12th Planet has been on a torrential rampage of dance floors nationwide. Here is a recent offering from the dark mind of the man behind 12th Planet, aptly named Snack Attack. The light hearted not need apply; nightmares are a listed side effect of these dubstep tunes.

12th Planet- SNACK ATTACK!

Look out!