Boombotix 420 Easter Mix

This playlist is a collection of jams designed to elevate your session to new heights. We encourage you to take this special 2014 Easter 420 holiday to find eggs that have some really special treasures. This mix has a dab of gangster rap, reggae, and some classics to put you on another level. If you want to session with us, you can join us on Boombotix SYNC to have a real-time session throughout the day. Roll it up and hit the play button.

Also be sure to check out the new Boombot2+ Chronic Edition launching on 4-20. If you want to take these tunes on-the-go, this little guy can help lead the way.

Shit Stoners Say 4-20 EXCLUSIVE

Featured Boombot2 LTD

Featured Boombot2 LTD

420 is coming up this weekend.  We started rambling  in the van on the way to the Sea Otter Classic and came up with some SHIT STONERS SAY. For those of you that don’t know, 4-20 is a national holiday for stoners, potheads, burners and even for those that just enjoy an occasional puff-puff pass in the park.  Please comment and feel free to add to the list…and pass to the left.

  1. Dude, can we make this into a bong? 
  2. Does anyone have Clear Eyes?
  3. Oh my god I’m sooooooo baked right now.
  4. Have you ever  ____________  (verb) while you’re high?
  5. Dude, have you seen my _____________(noun)?  I’ve been missing it for weeks!!!
  6. Isn’t the world so amazing?  It’s like toooootally small compared to the Universe, but the World is soooooo BIG.   So like, what IS big?  (followed by more profound existential statements)
  7. Do you have any papers?
  9. Should I get the Cheetos?  Or the Nachos?  Cheetos?  Or Nachos?  Fritos?  Peanuts?  Candy?  Fuck it…. all of it.  NOM NOM NOM.
  10. What if you could ________________________ (activity, invention, profound business idea)?  Wouldn’t that be sick?  I’d DO that.  Totally would.

We hope you enjoyed todays mental exercise.  If you are going out to enjoy your 4-20, be sure to bring some tunes and share the good vibrations across your blanket with your sensual reggae collection and a Boombot Ultraportable Speaker.  Do something fresh.  Get artsy.  Explore culinary arts.  Go on a hike and get in touch with nature.