Setting Up Surround Sound on a Computer

If you’re like me you like to watch movies and play video games on your computer at home and not just in your living room. We all know the best way to play some of these games is in the solitude of your Mancave late at night secluded from prying and often judgmental eyes.

Here’s a little known fun fact to help increase your audio enjoyment – You can easily set up a realistic surround sound speaker system with very little hassle using your computer, the exact same way you would with a television. You read that right! That’s why I’m going to break it down for you so you’ll know how to do this from now on. Then whenever you feel like watching a movie the way the director intended you to, or playing a first person shooter with the full effect of hearing shots going off behind you, you’ll be able to hook up optimal audio performance on a moment’s notice.

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